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U4GM.COM think that we can meet the demands.
Posted On 03/09/2018 00:56:15

With the development of games, more and more people like to play games, and games can bring us happiness. During games, we need poe currency.

Following the official release, PoE orbs Xbox One and PC will be available on, a dedicated provider of cheap PoE currency.

With new DLC War for the Altas release of Path of Exile items, players are looking for reliable PoE currency Online Store where offer PoE orbs buy. As a prestigious PoE currency store, U4GM.COM think that we can meet the demands.

PoE orbs are provided on after the release. You can enjoy low price, quick delivery, top class service and 24/7 professional customer support. A wide variety of payment methods ensure safe and convenient purchase. We have rich experience to help lots of Diablo fans gain more fun in the game, highly reputation of our service is the quality guarantee.

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Bestiary is to be one of the biggest additions in the history of the...
Posted On 03/09/2018 00:52:20

path of exile items. His main attraction will be the Bestiary League, which is a special league in which we hunt monsters. There are as many as 290 diverse beasts waiting for capture, of which 40 have a legendary status. Fights with creatures will be divided into two main stages-weakening of the individual and his capture. After a successful action the monster will go to our collection, which we will show off to other players.

 The captured beasts, however, will not only serve as trophies. We will also use them to create and improve your equipment. However, this will be connected with the need to sacrifice the caught beasts, but it will probably be worth it, because in return we are to receive powerful equipment.

In addition, we will receive twenty-nine rare Path of Exile items, three gems and changes in the character class system to be more varied, and those rarely used will be strengthened.

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The largest burning radiographic scion will make you feel the whole...
Posted On 03/09/2018 00:46:43

What I love about this build is how it comes together over time. As you level, you'll start to grab nodes on the passive skill tree that increase your fire damage. Each one provides such a raw boost to your damage that it's intoxicating when you unlock one. By level 50, you'll feel like Hephaestus, God of Fire, and the entire world is yours to burn.


This build holds a special place in my heart because it was the build guide I followed that finally let me appreciate why path of exile items is the indisputable king of ARPGs. The core concept around this build is using Scorching Ray to sweep over packs of enemies, letting its damage over time ability melt them away while your (hopefully) maxed out blocking stat mitigates any incoming damage.


There are some downsides: because Scorcing Ray is a channelled attack, positioning is critical and some boss fights will require constantly moving around to avoid damage. Sometimes it's a waste of poe orbs. That can get really annoying sometimes.

Tags: Path Of Exile Items

.The relationship between Quad Frostbolt Totem Hierophant and the novice
Posted On 03/09/2018 00:35:31

Youtuber LiftingNerdBro's take on the Frostbolt Totem Hierophant is an excellent build if you're brand new to Path of Exile. Because it relies largely on spells that scale with your level,If you have a lot ofpoe currency, you'll have a lot of chances , you don't need to worry about min-maxing your gearin fact you can play fairly deep into endgame without any of the suggest unique items.

 Totem builds aren't for everyone, as they're a very passive offensive style that relies on placing totems that cast spells for you while you focus on moving around and dodging any deadly attacks. That said, if you love the idea of being the final boss in a bullet hell arcade shooter, this build rocks because your totems cover the field in bolts of frost that rip through enemies easily. The constant application of wide area-of-effect damage means you can hastily rip through maps, so new players can focus more on the basics of movement and positioning. As I mentioned, it's also a great build in that you can easily play it using only the rare items you find on your own. While Path of Exile's unique trade economy is a blast to mess around with, this build gives you an opportunity to explore it at your own pace.

 There is a drawback, however. As LiftingNerdBro explains, this is not the build you want to use if you intend to farm bosses. If you're new or a casual player, Don't waste poe orbs this, but the lack of decent single-target damage will draw out boss encounters and make them a bit of a slog. During the leveling process, this won't matter, but this build is better off for general map clearing and farming instead.

Tags: Poe Currency

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