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How To Make A Money As A Freelance Writer On Writool
Posted On 06/03/2020 10:29:41 is one of the markets of skills, ideas and talents, where one can work according to their liking. This site has been increasing day by day and increasing performance for over five years. It has launched several features that are useful for freelancers as well as employers. Because of its effective platforms, it can be challenges for some new hobbies. In this post, we have discussed the factors that one has to take into account for free writing for money.

There are various options or sites to start your freelance work, but today, we'll describe the steps to start writing freelance for money on This is one of the trustworthy websites from which you can get a freelance career. Anyone can easily sign up on their website and work to earn more money. So let's talk about the steps from signing payments and reviews on 

How to use Freelance Writing for Money on

There are certain steps that can show the methods of freelance writing for money on These steps include four different stages that start from the sign-in and ends at payments. 

Recognize your expertise, give a commitment to the life of freelancing, and finally sign up for a account: 

The process of signing up for is absolutely free; In addition, there are various offers that can be used to earn more money. These features relate to the skills you can work for; Secondly, you can do more work per month that falls under your expertise. Different projects may require your string profile to show off your particular skills; Therefore, we suggest you list more than one skill. Because of this, you have more opportunities to get to work. For the updation of the task you on the right side corner "Open Jobs You can also see the options. 

Set your profiles: does not require a suitable and reproducible profile that is strong enough. Your profile is used to show your resume, skills, personality and portfolio as one. It's also an essential tool for your profile, and a hiring manager can complete your decision on the grounds by looking at your profile to decide whether to hire you or not. First, you can find the right of the corner . "Get Options can. Then, log into your account and start your work accordingly. 

Find suitable projects:

Free writing for money on really starts from here. There are different projects, and each of them 0. "Search jobs by topics Each has its unique ID and is categorized according to the subjects according to the option. Therefore, you can check the task you want to do on a regular basis. "Open Job In the page, anyone can see the appropriate project that is open to work. To get the job done, you need to log in to their website and work accordingly. Below are their 0 "Open work A picture of the page is:

His open job page has more than 100 work categories, ranging from accounting to writing and jobs such as digital marketing, web development, statistical work and more. Before choosing a job, you need to make sure that this independent writing for money; Therefore, write a compelling reason for why the employer needs to choose you over other freelance writers. If you have any kind of difficulty related to selecting the project, you can contact via email or phone. Also, you can check the frequently asked questions to know the answers to your questions and solve your doubts accordingly. 

Start Working:

Now, you can start working with free writing for money. But, before starting work, always make sure that employers and you should align in terms of the scope of projects, milestone payments and deadlines. So that there is no problem in future in the overall process of work. Sometimes, it is necessary to sign an agreement to make a deal. So, all things should be clear between the employer and you. Do not overexsite for preparatory work; Just stay calm and stay focused. Create proper planning and strategies to work effectively and efficiently.

Once you get a job, remember to supply impressive work to your employer and stay consistent when it relates to budget, time and communication. We recommend that you use built-in mailboxes to communicate easily with your employer. Stay in touch with your employer and update their work whenever they ask you for it.

Get payment for freelance writing for money and earn feedback from your employers: has provided approximate information with an example value about free writing for money. It is shown below, and you can use it to be your own. "Features Can also verify by option. Looks like:

Once you receive the payment, one can easily withdraw money. There are many options for withdrawing your money, such as PayPal Wire Transfer, Master Card, Visa Card and much more. In addition, you get feedback and reviews with star ratings for your work. Always try to get a five-star rating for quality data so that it will help you develop a strong portfolio. It also helps to take more work from the same client. 


Being the best freelance websitewe have provided information about how one can use freelance writing for money on This post includes all information and steps that one needs to follow to get work and payment as per their work performances. One can also check their FAQs to know the answer to your queries. Besides this, you can also contact them to clear your doubts related to work, payment, or anything. is the best website to give a boost to your freelance career. So check this website and get working as per your requirement.

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Freelance writing for College Students: A Distinguish Guide
Posted On 05/27/2020 10:09:28
If you want someone to earn something extra or not? Always the answer will be yes; Why not! But, when you're studying in college, it can be challenging for you to write free for college students. As the student has to attend their classes, adequate sleep, watch sessions and clubs are required. How to assume to earn some extra money?
The main answer to this question may be part-time job. These part-time jobs may be a great option, but these are not the only way out. If you find that there are other ways to make money, set your hours, and get experience that makes them extremely attractive to hiring managers. Well, there is a freelancer method, and this post will cover all the details about free writing for college students. Before proceeding to further details, get details about what independent writing is.

What is Freelance Writing?

The actual definition of a freelance writer is one that is self-employed or works on its own basis and does not work under any owner. Therefore, one can assume it as an independent business owner. In other words, we can say that one can identify a freelance writer as someone who is writing for multiple clients and pay for each batch's assignment or per writing assignment and other work. Due to stability and high quality content, one can have various high-paying customers with ad hoc and recurring projects.
There are different names that can be called for yourself on the basis of what service one wants to offer: 
Content Writer: A writer who focuses on a variety of content, such as blog posts, white papers, eBooks and more.
Content Strategist: Since there is a high demand for data handling and creative content, content strategy can be served as a freelance writer.
Ghost Writer: They basically focus on offering data without their name for website pages, white papers, blog posts, emails, eBooks, and more.
Freelance Blogger: Who highlights your writing through your blog.
SEO writer: Individuals who highlight highly customizable content that's written for search engine optimization so that they can rank on the Google search page.
Web Content writer: These authors are offering their writing to web pages.
Professional Writer: Once you have an understanding of independent writing of a particular period, they can officially know as a professional writer.
NOTE: One can call themselves a professional freelance writer if he/she has been working as a freelance writer for almost four to five years and one who well-versed with their niche. 

7 Most Practical Ways for Freelance Writing for College Students

Here’s a list of 7 practical methods essential for freelance writing for college students.

Recognize the thighs that you know

It doesn't matter that you wake up early in the morning and decide to start writing independent and call yourself a freelance writer. There is a thin line between an average freelance writer and a successful freelance writer and it is a knowledge base. Each niche, with its own web presence, requires a variety of authors to develop meaningful content. If you are the ones to thrive and paste the things you are well versed with, go for it. Select certain areas and focus on efforts to fit your nails as needed.

Check the time limit that you have

There are various methods that can be adopted as career options, and free writing is an option for college students. Because freelance is a substitute for scheduled jobs, it can be difficult to fix working hours in your schedule. Therefore, it becomes necessary to know the time limit you have. How often can you consider your work? Check how much time you need to put on your work and write some college papers, and pay attention to how much time it needs to complete. This can be the easiest way to check your access to your freelance writing work.

Participate in some of the starting jobs

First of all, you should be well aware of the fact that the person is not able to order a big bucks during his early hours. To get reviews and feedback, one has to start with fewer jobs to develop credibility as a freelance writer. It's not fun because you have to do a lot for low payouts. But the good news is that someone needs samples to showcase their skills to their potential customers, and it can be an easy way to create some writing.

Generate a strong portfolio

Once you show your sample work, you have to keep them in your portfolio. Customers can decide whether they are for their projects, depending on their samples on the portfolio. Therefore, it is important to represent your best work. You can choose to include some of the excerpts that you have written as independent writing for college students' assignments. Especially assignments in which you have got excellent grades.

Search out long-term contracts

The most comfortable way to maintain job stability as a freelance writer is to get work done within the predictive program. Select to work with people and understand the needs they have given you every week along with the work they have given you. Look for a long-term contract and do a good job. Once comfortable with it, fill the space with other work. This will help you estimate your income and determine your work accordingly.

Adjust your rate as per your work

Once you have experience, one can easily add some impressive work to their portfolio, and one can command their rates. After establishing themselves, one can charge more than their customers according to their expertise. More experience can help you work even faster, and it will benefit you and your traditional job as well.

Direct your career and make necessary changes

Once you graduate, you have to enter traditional work jobs. After all, this may be the reason for choosing a particular head of your study. If someone needs to stop freelance writing jobs and start a separate career, you have to slow down the tempo. If you continue your freelancers, it might be worth developing a site for your freelance services and developing freelance as a serious career.


Being the best freelance website, we have explained all the necessary information about freelance writing for college students. This includes 7 most effective practical ways to pursue your career as a freelance writer. Freelancing is one of the best methods to earn money for self-starters and individuals who require flexin]ble schedule. There are few individuals who love their freelance writing job, and they continue it effectively. Even if one does not select it to continue, they can work until their graduation complete. So, select your niche and start working accordingly to earn extra money during your student life.

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How To Start Freelance Writing With No Experience
Posted On 05/20/2020 08:40:26

Many of you have been on the Internet "How can I start freelance without any experience'" Or about "How to start freelance writing Read various articles about " Nowadays, freelancer is one of the demand for online jobs. But, individuals don't know how they start it or how to become a freelance writer . With the help of some of the diligent work and methods provided in this post, you will help you become a freelance writer.

If someone has the desire to write their own words and want to focus more on their writing to earn more money, this independent writing can be a full-time job and be shared with other like-minded people. Many people can find their voice, and as a professional career, as part-time earnings, can start their free writing for entertainment. This blog has provided all the information on how I can start freelance with no experience and other relevant information. Before that, let's find out some information about freelance writing.

What is Freelance Writing?

Here is a list of different types for freelance writing jobs, such as blog posts, articles, or/or blogs. and copy for different types of customers. Here are examples of a variety of freelance writing jobs for beginners:

  • Work for emails for different business owners who say they are not able to write well but need to connect effectively with their customers.
  • Freelancers for marketing agencies who need copy details such as high-end jewelry. This may include types of writing of goods that are related to products, such as beauty products, food and snack products, and more.
  • Number of blog writings, such as health, environment, education, and more.
  • Freelance writing jobs also include introductions to various books of poetry such as writing.

For beginners, these freelance writing jobs may be the best option to start your career as a freelance writer. Grammar does not include formal training or any kind of expertise to develop experience in this field. It can help you if someone is naturally a good writer. It's also likely that there may be a point where you can tell a linear story in a linear fashion, and enjoy writing methods. But it requires a lot of practice that will help you.

What do People love about Freelance Writing?

This job is super flexible: there are many things you can manage along with your household chores. In addition, you can send your summer vacation with your family, knowing that someone has a huge salary to spend. In addition, you can be your own boss.

One can actually use their English degree: although it is not mandatory to start writing independent. It can be a perk that makes you feel like you got your money.

You can work with companies, customers and non-profits in which you trust: you can help them share messages, which can be good options for freelance writing jobs for beginners.

You can lead a good life: the initial monthly income can be maximized and increased for full-time earnings. Your business can include various freelance services, such as writing, coaching services, editing and content creation. This can empower you to understand that you are making financial contributions to your family.

This work is super flexible: there are many things you can manage along with your household chores. In addition, you can send your summer vacation with your family, knowing that someone has a huge salary to spend. In addition, you can be your own boss.

You are thinking about how can I start freelance with no experience, and how to start freelance writing, where one can find freelance writing jobs for beginners

How to Start Freelance Writing with no Experience

Start a Blog:

A blog might be the best option to learn how to start freelance without any experience. First, starting a blog is where you can find your inner voice as an author. You can also experiment with your writing style because you can write the type of stuff you love. Practice makes a man perfect, and writing here can take daily or weekly work that you've been doing since your high or college school.

Starting a blog has various benefits, such as:

Blogs will act as a portfolio: When someone has contacted potential customers, that's the time they want to see your potential. Here you can show your creative ideas and write in an attractive way.

Blogging can build your stamina: you need to be doing research when someone is writing, doing research, and working within a time frame. Just think about your school time. How long did it take to write a 1000 word essay? Could 4+ of those who write per week write? Blogging can turn you into a full-time job that includes affiliate earnings and selling products. Therefore, one can take it seriously for their future career.

Look for Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners:

There are many different job boards that help you connect freelance writers and clients. It may not be a high-paying job. Still, it can be a great option for beginners who are thinking about how I can start freelance without any experience. The way content mills work helps you find writing jobs on its platform. You can take the opportunity and get paid. In addition, you can increase confidence and learn different techniques to work within time limits and work as editors.

Here, we've listed some websites to start our career as freelance writers:




To get acquainted with these websites, try each of them. Next, select any of them according to your choice. Try to enhance your writing skills using these websites and gain them to earn more money.

Utilize the Freelance Marketplace:

Websites like Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer are some of the online platforms that individuals and customers use in search of good freelance writers. These websites are just like content mills, but they have even more personal feelings because they can create a portfolio and get rankings according to their work. These websites can pay you more.

Track the Freelance Writing Job Boards:

Depending on the purpose of one; It's a place where you can start a little more serious about freelance writing. For professional writers, these job boards help them find high-paying work. These are considered professionals because they include your resume, work samples, or/or resumes. And other things are needed that require defining your writing skills.

It works as a ladder to start writing independently with no experience. One is increasing these steps, and pushing the foot to something new and big. The job board for freelance writing also works freelance for both contracts as well as part and full-time jobs. You also search for a location or remote-based write task.

Initiate with Guest Posting:

Writing articles for other websites can provide a terrible way to grow a freelance writing business, especially when one's ultimate goal is to become a full-time freelance writer. If you don't have such goals, guest posting gives you the chance to work with different bloggers you admire. This will help you grow their online business as well as you.

Guest posts get started with blogs, and then someone can grow their network with potential bloggers in your net. One can comment on an article, connect with customers via social media, and share multiple links with each other. Once you've developed a better relationship with them, you can try to tell customers about guest postings. This is not a self-promotion method. Guest postings can be considered as two-way road. You share, they share, and when it's not always direct earnings, it will improve your visibility chances.

Supply your Creative Ideas to large/brand Websites:

Once you succeed in creating a strong portfolio (a website or a blog is the best thing to represent your writing skills). Then, one can easily start communicating with large websites and pitch them to your creative ideas. If you find that you're doing many things to write things about outdoor activities and games, and you enjoy doing so, you can pitch out or backpacker-related posts. While doing things related to cooking, re-eat well or tell us something about the kitchen.

You can probably get ideas about how I can start freelance without any experience reading this post. Go a step further and find the name of the site and write something related to your interest. You'll get a lot of ideas about it. In addition, you can understand what kind of content all websites are asking for, understanding how they can like written and formatted posts. This will give you an idea about how to start freelance writing, including styling, such as MLA, APA, Chicago, and more.

There are a variety of freelance writing jobs and expectations about both online publishing and print. For example, all authors have 0 "Contributor0 Is not marked as they are actually payable for work. These types of conditions can drive you to increase traffic to your website as well as provide exposure. These paying jobs can be attractive, but they can also increase competition. This is the most common reason why people have listed it as an important question to understand how to become a freelance writer.


When it is about freelance writing, everyone should try some of these websites. Writing can be a good option as you have gone to your high schools and colleges and have some kind of writing experience. These experiences might be related to in-depth researches, editors, writers, and proofreaders, that help you to find freelance writing jobs for beginners.

Being the best freelance website, we have provided all the relevant information about how can I start freelance with no experience. This information is also beneficial to understand how to become a freelance writer. This shows that engaging content helps you to start your online career in writing. Once you reach your targeted audience, you can earn more money from their potential clients. Remember all these points and pursue your career as a part-time or full-time freelance writer to earn more money. 

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How Freelance Writers Can Take Advantage Of Social Media
Posted On 05/13/2020 07:34:16
Social media is becoming famous day-by-day due to the popularity of smartphones. Due to the progress of digital technologies, freelance social media is also gaining popularity among people. There are several ways in how freelance writers can take advantage of social media; These include the top 5 social media platforms, and the number of users they use, such as:
  • Google+: 343 million users use it monthly.
  • Twitter: This has 230 million users each month.
  • LinkedIn: 200 million users use it over the month.
  • Facebook: Over 700 million users use it each month.
  • Pinterest: It has 70 million users monthly.

Social Media Freelancing

These numbers are increasing day by day. If you want to work as a freelance social media writer, you can take advantage of it. It can not only help you get in touch with blogs, but also get your potential customers to enhance your career with your writing business.
This can be a great alternative to free advertising, as social media has many users. In addition, it allows people to catch up with friends and family. In addition, it allows social media freelance services or searches for brands that people want to use. Social media has many options for authors where they can visit Facebook and join any group they see based on their interest. In addition, pinterest can also be a great option to promote your research projects as well as get new ideas.
If none of these social media doesn't have your content, it means there are thousands of millions of people who aren't familiar with your content. Also, if you are not able to get the attention you deserve and which is also essential for your success. Now, you may be wondering how you can take advantage of social media freelance jobssocial media freelancing, etc. This can be done in various ways described below:

Join Each One of the Social Media

It all seems to be zero amount to set up the profile on social media, and once you've done it, you can easily post the status, join any group available on that particular social media, and check who's your profile checked. Here, you have various options, such as:


This is one of the best social media for writers. This is another professional version of social media called Facebook. With its help, you can connect to the business tycoons that require content, create a network with other social media freelance writers, and make your brand a high jump.

Method to utilize LinkedIn groups:

As you know LinkedIn users may have a special interest in specific topics such as blogging, so it's necessary to join the group where someone can get updates via regular email or visit areas of LinkedIn groups. This can be a wonderful opportunity to get a social media freelance job and reach the target audience. As independent authors write about a wide range of topics, then they can literally post it to the LinkedIn group. You can see that there are different authors; Therefore, it is necessary to post high-quality content so that you can reach millions of targeted users because of your quality content.
Social media freelance writers use different groups; Therefore, it can be beneficial to take a membership base to grow your portfolio. But make sure you need to manage incoming emails; Otherwise, it will end with overloading of inbox.

How does it work?

When you find someone has checked your profile, you can send them an email to LinkedIn to let them pay attention to your profile, then if you get a positive response, send them some of your writing samples. Additionally, you can provide some social media freelancers support in the future. There's a possibility that they may or may not give you feedback, but it at least helps you reach a potential customer.


It is also another alternative to social media for writers. With the help of a Pinterest profile, you can use its analytics, which helps you know the number of people that have been viewed on your PIN, and which of them are repinned, and how often it appears in search results. You might be wondering if it could pierce your pocket, but you don't have to be worried about it because all this information is available at zero cost. If it is accessible by the category of people, it will also benefit you. If any of your writings are pinned once again, it would be worth joining you in this freelance social media.

Twitter Hashtags:

This allows Twitter users to execute additional targeted keywords in their hashtag tweets. With the help of treated hashtags, one can easily put them at the end of the tweet, or include them in the tweet, but make sure it won't affect the readability of the tweet. By doing so, you can easily reach an amazing board and a variety of target audiences on Twitter. The main key to successfully marketing on Twitter is other than the use of hashtags, which define your reisher work as well as your niche.

There are various tools like that help you get information about making a specific hashtag famous, other sites like help you create various amazing visual presentations of similar hashtags on the same topic. To help someone easily command hashtags that help you reach your goal and qualified audience 


Its community can be another best freelance social media that helps you attract the attention of other social media freelancers and community with a variety of topics. Communities like Social Media Freelance Jobs can have a big following and have constantly updated data and interesting news that help many freelance writers find data relevant to their writing. These communities are often willing to help you with your guidance and advice and are always happy to participate in their open discussions. However, you might think that Facebook is commonly used for personal reasons or may be for business marketing through pages for Facebook. But, the Facebook community opens up different dialogue options between a variety of professionals, which can help each other's content and ideas strategize.

Post and Share your Writings Daily on Freelance Social Media

Make sure you don't need to bombard followers and friends with frequent ads and updates, but it's necessary to post writing once a day. According to statisticians, there are many individuals who are willing to have inspiring, positive content and profiles; Here, you can take advantage of it, post a quote in the morning and make it visible on your Facebook feed. Join different groups that are similar to your niche and share posts to these groups.
Always try to share your blog with every website so that your content can get more and more exposure. With the help of Annette Search for Keywords and Trends, anyone can reach maximum users on Google+, Twitter and any other site using powerful languages for your content titles and hashtags.

Follow Like-Minded Individuals

Freelance Social Media

Freelance Social Media is also providing an opportunity to follow individuals on Google+ and Twitter who have similar interests and ideas about a topic. As, it increases the likelihood that your content becomes readable and re-shared with the number of followers. If you have a number of followers to follow your bloggers, chances are they'll ask you to write a guest post for them for your site, which helps you get a more audience.
Social media is the most about words for the success of writers. In this modern era, these words are translated through re-tweets, shares and re-pins. Your punishment for inviting people will not do anything else. The next time they need your help, freelance social media can be a door to door walk for you that can be done with the computer and with the share button.
With the help of your shared content. You can easily reach many individuals who like to reshare the work of your content. It also helps you to bring your potential number of words to the number of potential customers.

Build a Strong Social Following

Just because you're not a celebrity doesn't mean you can't create an attractive social profile and create the following numbers on websites like Facebook and Twitter. The main method is to build the following at a specific time, with a target audience, and followers are not concerned about the size of the bases. Focus on delivering regular updates, focusing and connecting your high-quality and relevant subject data with your particular location.
One can do this to update followers and promote your social followers by blogging new followers and incorporating social credentials into a particular profile, or using a marketing campaign. Make sure you can include social credentials wherever someone needs to work or perform their business profile, and you'll see it gather sway more speed and the right type of audience, and it helps engage a more target audience with social updates.


Taking the benefits of freelance social media for writers, one can do social networking. consequently, it can provide various benefits to the writings. With the aid of a few research, one can find solid brands and targeted updates through core social media. Therefore, find suitable freelance work and growing awareness among the people about your work if your social authority allows you to do this. 
Being the best freelance website, we have provided all the relevant information about how freelance writers can take advantage of social media. This post includes the top 5 social media that help you to grow your freelance social media so that you can develop strong social media for writers.

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How To Write 1,000 Words Per Day Consistently
Posted On 05/06/2020 07:06:25

It is quite normal for a blogger to write 1000 words per day is the initial goal that is on their mind. But, it's not that easy in reality because it requires productivity and consistency in your writing. There are different bloggers and authors who need some kind of motivation, or a good feeling to write an effective article. But, this is not a long-term solution for them, as they become accustomed to it, and then they switch to another thing. Now, there is a question of why one needs to write 1000 words per day or sometimes 750.

This can be a random choice because it helps you stay on top of your content, but your content must contain relevant information related to your topic. Therefore, it becomes necessary to know the effectiveness of your article with a range of 750 or 1,000 words, along with your target audience. This blog will help you learn how to write 1000 words per day.

Don’t Make Mistakes as Others Do

There are some authors who are greedy, and their main purpose is to write with about 20,000 words a month, even without knowing how to write 1000 words per day. Writers like Bedmal can write 5000 words in a single day because he was a seasonal writer. But for beginners, it can be about writing 1000 words per day.

Material building is only in the form of muscle forming, because there are various thin people who want to build their muscles in a short time. For this, they start lifting very heavy weights at the initial stage of their workouts, and as a result, their muscles score. Therefore, first it requires life for light weight and then gradually increases it to become a strong person. Similarly, to create productive content, you need to start writing with at least 500 words a day, then keep increasing your daily word. Being consistent, you'll find that your work is going on with perfection, even with stability. Now you can get confused with this question, "What will happen if you take a break.0 Well, this blog will give you information about it as well as other things like how to write 1000 words per day and much more.

What if One Takes a Break?

When you constantly write up to 700 words per week, there are many authors who took 2-weeks off, and they face various problems to get back into their writing. But, try to recall the above example of analogy with lifting weights and building muscle. It's like leaving the gym for about two weeks, and now you can imagine what happens to bring you back.

To be consistent, you need to start from the bottom point and come back with maximum efforts. So, it is necessary to keep increasing your daily production; Therefore, instead of writing nothing, restart with 500 words per day. It may take some time to come back 1,000 words a day, but this time it will not take much time. So, you can enjoy your holidays as well as your work.

How Many Words to Write a Day 

If someone has the freedom to write all day, you can imagine how much someone will increase the number of their daily word. But writing useful information in your post requires a lot of effort and creativity.

After doing a little research for a daily calculation, we have come up with information that, according to Hemingway, it should be written between 500 and 1,000 words per day, while Stephen King claimed it was necessary to write 2,000 words per day. There are various unpublished or lesser-known authors who have claimed that the blog's word count should be between 500 and 2,500 words a day, retaining 1,000 as their average count. Therefore, it may seem that a different person has their own view with respect to daily word count, but ideally, they conclude that it should be between 500 and 1500 words per day.


NOTE: Tips to increase the daily word count

  • Be consistent about sitting with your screen at the same time daily.
  • Brainstorm/Understand what to write each day.
  • Have a layout plan for your work.
  • Make a contract with someone else or yourself.
  • Keep an analysis of when/where/how you can be productive.
  • Search for the best productive location for you.
  • Use the Pomodoro method/write in bursts.
  • Set weekly objectives rather than daily objectives.
  • Ensure that none of the scenes are boring for you.

How Long Does it Take to Write 1,000 Words?

There are many people who spend about 3-4 hours writing 1000 words per day, while others take only 1-2 hours for it. It also depends on your work experience, as they have the experience of writing 1,000 words in a few minutes. In addition, it also depends on your work objectives, like you've heard that SEO articles should have at least 1,000 words, and it's better to write 2,000+ for that.

However, it is not fixed on these numbers. The reason for the 1,000-2,000 words may be that it helps SEO because of connecting different sources and putting different long-tail keywords together. This means that high-quality posts with 2,000 words can take an average of 6-7 hours, but it takes a few hours for an experienced author.

We are well aware of the fact that there are many writers who may take half the time to do so. As some of them want to spend less time on their writing, and we've mentioned some tips that help you know which points are what depends on how long it takes to write 1000 words.

NOTE: Tips for writers to develop effective writings

Quality Over Quantity:

It is necessary to know that quality and quantity go hand-in-hand, and when it comes to quality, people need to write their posts, including research work of subjects, relevant examples and other facts and figures. So, if you think you can give all the data in small quantities. Then go ahead because it is better to write less than irrelevant content.

Writing Needs Concentration:

Avoid distracting all kinds of attention from social media, mobile phones, and other distracting things. Because they can easily distract you and it can take a lot of time for you if you indulge in these activities.

Write Needs Plan Several Times:

As everyone knows the plan can make you more productive and help you complete your work on time. So, try to organize all the essentials and then plan your schedule as needed.

How to Go From 0 to 1,000 Words Per Day in Three Weeks

Over time, authors can refine their writing techniques to improve their daily production after taking breaks. So that it feels incremental and easy without slowing down your work. Assume a situation when you are not writing a word in a day. But wants to write a thousand words. If this is your position, follow the upcoming schedule mentioned below. This will help you achieve your goals within three weeks. If you're one of the experienced writers, feel safe to skip these steps, but make sure you don't try to repeat the same mistakes.

Week 1: Write Each Day

In the first week, we have to write each day and at the beginning. The number of words doesn't matter as long as you write and sit down to write something. What is required in this step is to search for good times to write things. List this time in your calendar and make sure it can't distract you.

This is an essential part that you need to be constant to write things for each day. And then it is possible that someone can train their creative muscles and then increase their daily production. Once you identify to write, just go for it. And it can be an article, a magazine for your customers, for your blog or anything else. Write at least one sentence, and it may sound silly, but:

1.There are many individuals who are not able to discover a consistent time to write things. This also virtually fails when they try to increase the number of words they have written on their daily basis.

2.If you feel free to write something, write the same sentence as it helps you get started. Once you go through the flow, it will be much easier to write multiple words without realizing it.

Week 2: Increase to 500 Daily Words a Day

Now, you have to be as serious as the early weeks of this week. You have started your habit and are able to find an ideal place and time to write things. You already have a habit for your writing every day. And now you can easily increase the productivity of your writing.

We recommended a 5-day plan for this week:

  • Day 1: Write 100 words.
  • Day 2: Write 200 words.
  • Day 3: Write 300 words.
  • Day 4: Write 400 words.
  • Day 5: Write 500 words.

If you work slowly and steadily, then 100 words writing is not an issue for you. But stretching directly to 500 words might be an issue. This implies that you are in progress, so try to keep going and embrace these issues. 

Week 3: Increase to 1,000 Daily Words a Day

Surprisingly, 3 weeks is quite an easy week for you. But only if you can write on a daily basis and write 500 words in your last week. So, now you can write 1,000 words a day. Even you'll notice that in your last week, it's more difficult to write 100 words. By writing 500 words this week. This is because once you know what you have to write in your article. It becomes very easy for you to maintain the flow of your writing.

Here, we recommend what you should do in your Week 3, and looks like this:

  • Day 1: Write 500 words.
  • Day 2: Write 500 words.
  • Day 3: Write 750 words.
  • Day 4: Write 750 words.
  • Day 5: Write 1,000 words.

And here you go with how to write 1000 words per day consistently!


Being the best freelance website, we always try to answer all the questions that a freelancer wants to know. And we do this by posting the blog related to your queries. In this blog, we have listed the methods for how to write 1000 words per day consistentlyhow long does it take to write 1000 words. And how many words to write a day. We have also provided tips and tricks to enhance your word count speed as well as.What if one can take a break from writing a post. Follow all these methods and improve your word count by up to 1,000 words and more.

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What Is Freelance Writing & Types Of Freelance Writing
Posted On 04/29/2020 06:23:51

Due to a variety of reasons, individuals are moving towards independent services as it provides freedom and compatibility towards work. But, there are many people .  who Are not familiar with the word “Freelance”. If you’re one of them, don’t take stress because this blog will help you understand what independent writing is and what   the types of independent writing are.This blog will give you answers to all the questions that hit your mind, such as freelance writing and its type, what kind of services you can offer with freelance writing and how to find these writing services. So, get ready to go on a wonderful journey to become a freelance writer. Go ahead with the details, first discuss what independent writing is before proceeding on its types.

What is Freelance Writing?

The definition or real meaning of a freelance writer is one who is self-employed or works on his own basis. Therefore, one can consider as an independent business owner. In other words, a freelance writer can recognize anyone who is writing for multiple clients and paying for each batch of assignments or per writing assignments. Due to compatibility and high-quality content, one can have various high-paying customers with adhoc and recurring projects.There are different names that can be said based on yourself which service it wants to provide:

Freelance Blogger: Who focuses on blog writing.

SEO writer : Individuals who focus on offering highly customizable content that are written for search engines so that it can rank on the Google search page.

Web Content  writer : These authors are offering their writing to web pages.

Professional Writer: Once you have experience of independent writing of a particular period, they can officially know as a professional writer.

Content Writer: The author can focus on a variety of content, such as blog posts, white papers, eBooks and more.

Content Strategiest: As managing and creative data content is more demanding, content strategy can be served as a freelance writer.

GhostWriter: They basically focus on offering data without their name for blog posts, emails, eBooks, website pages, white papers, and more.

NOTE: One can call themselves a professional writer if they have been working as a freelance writer for almost five years and one who has knowledge of their niche. 

Types of Freelance Writing One can Offer as their Services

Now, you have the idea of what independent writing is; Here we suggest that initially, services like blog writing should be taken into account because it can be the best and quickest type of free writing for beginners. Why want to? Writing blogs is the smallest project to start. Various blog posts remain between 700-1500 words, but there are some customers who want you to write about 2000-4500 Word blog posts, but it depends on the client’s client.

Blog writing can be recurring for you; Instead of a blog writer, one can keep you as a magazine writer or a copywriter. Therefore, being a beginner, you can start writing your own independent writing services such as articles, writing blogs and writing site content. Moreover, one can easily modify their service list according to their experience and suitability. As a beginner, one needs to focus on single or multiple services that can be selected from a list of types of independent writing. Here’s a list of some services that they can provide when they start their independent writing careers:

Ghost Writing: In this type of independent writing, the content cannot be published with the author’s name. For example, a customer can appoint you to write an eBook and publish it in their name instead of your name.

Social Media Marketing: There are many authors who offer social media marketing services, including handling clients’ social media accounts and updating them on a regular basis.

Editing: Contains services, such as a thorough approach to basic proofreading and written content testing; This is known as developmental editing.

Copy writing: It requires using one’s motivational skills to write sales pages, press releases, copy to the web or update the website.

Blog Management: You may be responsible for managing, editing, and publishing content for your clients’ websites for clients.

Offerable Types of Freelance Writing

Being a freelance writer, no one can write content for multiple websites, not in print, but this can help you learn new skills. So you can write all the online content, which is in high demand and there is no shortage in freelance work. Here, we mentioned a list of types of content writing to get started:

Magazine Articles: This writing is more journalistic and formal in nature.

EBooks: Many businesses are using eBooks to draw people’s attention to their newsletter. various e-book writings such as ghost writing; So it can be a great experience to get started.

Blog post: This is what one can write, and it is also in high demand by companies.

Site content: Almost all businesses have their own websites that have multiple pages. Being a freelance writer, you can be assigned to write about their products and pages. This prepares a list of copy writing.

White Paper: This comes in the list of professional article writing that is used for small businesses.Therefore, it becomes necessary to find out what kind of writing a person wants to do. It can be an eBook writing that can be enjoyed. There are various small business and entrepreneur owners who need to create their eBooks.

Who Can be Your Ideal Freelance Writing Clients

Content can play an important role for the development of all types of businesses as well as for start-up companies. Initially, you can contact start-up customers and entrepreneurs; Therefore, it is necessary to find out who your ideal freelance writing clients can be. When you succeed in doing so. There is a possibility that you can switch to a variety of independent writing. In your early career you can work with the veracity of the customers to learn more. Who can be best for you.As you know what freelance writing is. You have provided a list of customer types that can contact your independent writing businesses:

Agencies: There are various agencies that employ independent writers to write their content. Various of them have a specific section to keep a portfolio for writing abilities.

Author: Authors may be asked to write their books on behalf of the owner of books as authors of ghosts.

Publications: These include newspapers, magazines or business magazines.

Educational Establishments: Such a market requires a content writer to write your educational e-learning material or course.

Blog owner: A lot of content can be provided by niche blogs. Where the owner of the blog has a variety of blogs. But they don’t have time to write those blogs on their own.

Tips for How Does One Can Find Freelance Writing Jobs

Understand the writing niche: Pay attention to some of your favorite signs that may be related to your hobbies and past expressions. Select some of the most interesting niches and try them one by one. Finally, proceed with the most comfortable and accessible niche that you can easily pay for.

Create samples for your writing portfolio: You can start with a blog post, and it should contain about 700 words. There are many topics that you can write on, such as e-learning, cleanliness and mental health. But, all of these depend on your selected niches.

Create pressure online: This can be the hardest part to get online. But you can be started with LinkedIn and Twitter. These two social media can help you make a thousand dollars with your freelance writing.

Start pitching: When you finally follow the above tips, one can start pitching the desired customers. Your pitches should be small, but include all relevant information related to your services. Spend a valuable time developing your pitches, and it should also be sound professional.Using these tips, you can start with freelance writing jobs. But try to research your customers ‘ company. So that you can deliver the appropriate content to them.


Being the best freelance website, we always try to provide you the blogs related to freelance services. If you want to know anything about freelance work. One can check our blog section that has several posts that can help you to enhance your knowledge. This blog has provided information about what is freelance writing and types of freelance writing. Besides this, this blog has highlighted the section of who can be your ideal freelance clients as well as a list of offerable freelance writing services. This post will help you to start your freelance writing for a full-time career or as a part-time career. 

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What Is The Impact Of Coronavirus On Freelance Jobs
Posted On 04/22/2020 06:31:58

Many people took freelance jobs to earn income for the house. Some of them are those who did it for freedom, health, flexibility. This can happen for any reason, and freelance workers succeeded so well that they can create new lifestyles by which they can inspire many other individuals to start their freelance services. In a Forbes article, it has been suggested that this freelance method could be the way of the future.

But, all of a sudden COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) lead to an unexpected point.Various schools, public spaces and industries are closed around the world. Because of this, there are many results and ripple effects that have not yet been observed. Freelancers are not an exception that is affected in a worse way. Instead of freedom, flexibility and control, freelancers are confused with questions, such as:

  • Where can one more work?
  • How will long Coronavirus last?
  • What will one do if their clients cancel?
  • What if anyone does not hire freelancers?

Various researcher and scientific answers to get 24/11/2017 7 are working. But no one is able to figure out how long the coronovirus can last. But, they have concluded that coronavirus income is an outbreak of security, freedom and cashflow of freelancers, as well as others. It may be for some time. This blog will explain the reason for the effect of coronavirus on freelance jobs. What a freelancer can do if he is affected, and the list of freelance jobs that are still standout. So, keep reading this article.

The reason Why are Various Freelance Jobs Affected so Badly

There are some freelancers who are well aware of the risk when they decide to do freelance jobs. Let’s take an example of this, and freelancers knew they were not eligible for sick leave or health insurance paid by a company. Moreover, they are well aware of the fact that they cannot take government help for it. So, they need to take responsibility for all things, including the management of working hours. Or we can say that many individuals claim that there is no stability in freelance work.But, we do not think so, and we will explain it to you in a later discussion.

In this coronavirus period, social freedom and fear affected the careers of many freelancers. Artists, artists, photographers, musicians, tutors, and many more are freelance jobs that require in-person interactions, and as a result. There are no longer paying customers for such freelancers, and one can see the effect of coronavirus on freelance jobs.For this reason, various freelance employees are looking for work online, but here are the problems.

Because almost all businesses and companies have closed their physical locations and a lot of people. Those who aren’t working turn to sites providing an online job, such as upwork and freelancers. These new freelancers don’t have a strong portfolio. Which increases competition for all freelancers.Apart from all this, the good news is that not all freelance jobs are affected by coronavirus. According to Flexjobs, program assistance, virtual assistance, administrative clerk, accounting clear and online teachers are still in demand.

All these things can be done with the help of internet, computer and phone.There are different companies that need computer savvy and technical freelancers who can work for them. In California, tech companies have about 15,852 tech jobs, according to the Financial Times. Who are working online to maintain the momentum of their business.

What Can a Freelancer Do if he/she is Affected?

Due to an outbreak of coronavirus, you may lose some of your customers. This can cause you to lose income, and that’s a scary thing. But you are aware of the fact that. There is always uncertainty in the real world, and it is easy to be depressed and terrorized. But, one thing is that anyone can do what’s going to do. “Stay calm And “Stay calm “। If you stay calm, this will be the best chance you can give yourself.

This will help you make good decisions, resulting in success in the future.In this situation, when coronavirus has an effect on freelance jobs, you are no exception. There are millions of people around the world who suffer from the same situation. So, to give a start to freelancers who have lost their freelance jobs, this blog has provided you with many strategies. With the help of these tips and suggestions, the person can move painless and quickly.

Maintain the Existing Relationship with the Clients

When customers are not with you or cancel the services provided by freelancers, it is quite common to be unfaithful and disappointed. But keep in mind that they are also in the same state of shock and fear due to coronavirus. Therefore, try to maintain a professional relationship with your clients; This will help you stand by your customers in the future as well. These customers not only reconnect with your services, but also appreciate your support with their contact. This will help give you a chance to build trust and enhance your future customers.

If you find some ways by which you can add positive values to their businesses and lives, go ahead and help them in this state of chironovirus. Let’s take an example of this, try to figure out ways by which you can help your customers transition online or ask for it by yourself. Check if they are considering the services you provide digitally instead of in-person contact. If they are considering it, keep helping them but if not try to improve their services that help them positively.

Get Client Testimonials

If you find that your customers can’t hire you again, try to get them to the early one swell and request them to receive client testimonials. Due to the lockdown situation, everyone is moving towards online, and here digital social media is playing an important role in growing their businesses. Therefore, try collecting various testimonials and recommending your ideas through the online version instead of interacting directly with people.If it’s possible you can get video testimonials, go for it and request them for it.

Anyone can easily record video calls with their customers on Skype or Zoom. If the client is not comfortable with it, go to written or audio testimonials. Whatever method you choose, make sure your customers don’t have any problems with it and try to make them comfortable with all of this. For this, share your ideas in detail before using any online testimonials.With the help of client testimonials, one can build confidence and set courses in the hours of need or in the event of an uncertain economy.

Make a Strong Digital Portfolio

Always try to build a strong online portfolio; It doesn’t matter what your freelance work is. If there is a photographer or artist, it can be seen without mind. But what if their freelance work isn’t giving them a strong online portfolio?If one is thinking about how one can showcase their unique skills, don’t worry because relatives can easily do this by creating content.

Let’s take an example of this; One can create a blog post or video to show their expertise. If you have any difficulty managing it on a daily basis, you can add content each week.Define your consistency with your creative content, and it will help you in a strong portfolio that shows future customers your unique skills. If you want to create a course, try to attract content to make it with uniqueness.

Look Outside your Organization

If you have a little extra time in your hands, try using it to check how one can easily use their specific skills outside their respective areas. Let’s take an example of this if you’re an artist, find ways by which you can teach your skills to another person. You can even work for any business that requires animation artists for your online businesses.Try to explore various opportunities you haven’t discovered yet. It may be different places or different industries or may not be the same as your profession, just give them a try. Using this method, you can expand your knowledge and add some unusual experiences to your online portfolio.

Support Each Other

If a person is a social person and is stuck in indoor activities throughout the day, do not separate all of them. Try to explore different activities, and there are even many virtual groups that have emerged to help them through online methods. Join any group or all of them. Give it a value, if possible, to provide your services to these groups.This will not only help you create various new connections but also the opportunity to meet different freelancers.

If you find this helpful, stay engaged and actively participate in these groups and provide services according to your skills. There may be a situation when you need a service for your work, so don’t hesitate to give a job to any freelancers in your group. This way, you can support each other because you are aware of the fact that coronavirus has a huge impact on freelance jobs.

Learn a New Payable Skill 

You may be wondering if it’s clear that you use your free time to learn new things. But, it may belong to your profession, or it can be completely different. You can go with any of these, just keep in mind that try to learn things that can help you earn more through online freelance jobs.There are many people who engage in nervousness and activities that do not help them in the long hours. That’s why don’t stick to those things, try to hone your knowledge, and become experts in your field. Try to contact customers of your dreams and help them in this situation of an outbreak of coronovirus.

Freelance Jobs that Still Stand Out

Self-quarantine and social disturbances measures are responsible for taking the physical market to digital platforms. If you have a command on a computer system, one can easily find a job that can help you shine your skills through online methods. The problem may occur if the difference between port and coding is not known. That’s why we’ve listed some freelance jobs that are still out in position when coronavirus has an impact on freelance jobs. Let’s check out all these freelance jobs.


There are experts or consultants who can provide special advice to individuals. If you have any specific skills, try to help others and their businesses by sharing relevant information and knowledge. There are various consulting functions, such as web designing advisors, business consulting, and marketing consulting.As you are a professional in your core area, you can work from any place around the world using online education platforms and social media.


This is another profile that faces the minimal impact of coronovirus on freelance jobs. As different individuals are buying, entrepreneurs and companies are selling; For this, one needs a copywriter who can create messages for video sales letters, taglines, ads and landing pages. Skilled copywriters have the skills to solve problems, word-building, well-developed research and strategists.It’s easy to share projects and documents through online methods like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and more. Therefore, copywriters can easily work for them from anywhere and anytime.

Content Writers

A content writer can work as a copywriter, but they usually create eBooks, podcast scripts, blog posts, and more that help the website grow their business through these writings. Content authors are important because they help their customers with relevant data. They can also help prepare notices and messages that work in favor of entrepreneurs or businesses. A content writer can also work from anywhere, and they are also independent of timing.Copy writing, consulting and content writing are efficient things that easily develop in a short time. With the help of guidance and the right courses, a person can move to the best freelance jobs in many areas a week.


Being the best freelance website, we have provided all the relevant information about. What is the impact of Coronavirus on freelance jobs. It includes the details of reasons why various freelance jobs are affected. And if someone is affected by what they can do. And the list of freelance jobs that are still stand out in the situation of the outbreak of the Coronavirus and lockdown. As you have an idea what one can do in this period. We suggest you start right now.

Do not keep thinking about all these points. Select any of the jobs and proceed as per your skills. If you find any difficulty, then take the help of others through online media. But try to follow all the rules and regulations that are implemented by your country’s government. You still have the option to earn money from home. So select the jobs and work as per your preferences from anywhere and anytime.

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Writing Strategies To Boost Your Writing Flow
Posted On 04/15/2020 07:01:24
Being a freelance writer, one thing anyone can be proud of is the skill of writing at a fast pace. One can distract you while writing any area and things of their skills. You can also use your flow, which can give you an overview of your skills, such as writing 3,000 to 5,000 words within a few hours. But it is not possible at night; Therefore, one needs to sharpen their skills so that they can become more productive. Therefore, there should be writing strategies to increase your writing flow to know your skills and stay as long as possible.
The flow here means that the person can easily write the number of words with the passage of time, which is not even informing him. Do you think it's possible? Yes it is! In this blog, we have provided several strategies that help you get into the flow of writing and increase the productivity of your writing. When you find out about your flow, it will take you the least time to write something effectively and efficiently.

Know Which is your Sacred Writing Space

Chris Fox's book is the first thing that reminded writers as well as readers of what the holy place for your writing is. This writing strategies of space can be anything and anywhere, but you have to keep in mind that you don't let yourself do anything else in that place.
Let's take an example of this: If it's a shot where you check out all your emails and social media, don't write anything on set on a corner of the bed with your laptop. Select a place where you just spend some time writing and training yourself to write something new. It may take a few days to create links in your brain, and we're saying a few days since a company has tested the idea and applied this technology to their authors. This is the result of creating a good flow after being a sacred place for writing.
You also find that when you go to your office, your brain's idea is that this is the time you work as you sit in your chair and open your laptop and open a word document. Here, you are not allowed to access your social media and your favorite shopping sites; Therefore, this is where you can focus on your writing. Initially, it may take some time for this space to be used, but when you trained yourself to focus while writing, and you'll find that it makes a difference to your writing flow.

Find your Productivity Time

You may not be aware of the fact that everyone has their own productivity time. It varies from person to person, but the important thing is what your productivity time is. It can happen between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., there are many people who are night owls, so their production time may be from 10 a.m. to 2-3 p.m., but at this time you have to make sure that there isn't a single distraction when writing.
You may be wondering how one can get their productivity time to create writing strategies. Well, this is a simple method! Try to track workflow and word count at different times of the day. It may be easy for you if you're working full-time, but if you're working from home and you have to take care of different things like kids, pets, it may take longer to know your productivity time.
So, you can start with bedtime, waking time and nap time and find out how productive you are in these hours. If hiring a babysitter is required, you can keep them for your children in the afternoon or in the morning. You will find that you will become more productive in the same time frame.

Match your Writings with the Music 

One of the best writing strategies for promoting your writing flow is to relax your mind by listening to music as it helps reduce the noise of your home, and it will also help your brain write while listening to music. You can listen to one or two albums over a period of time, and you're able to listen to more music while writing topics. With the help of music, you can discover the area of your genius by which you can find your optimal time to write in your niche.
You can use this when you have enough time, write a topic where you know your niche, then try to match the rhythm of music with your writing. To listen to good music in any genre, you can use Youtube, iTunes or Spotify.

Use Different Detection Software

This is another point for writing strategies to boost your writing flow, and you can switch to dictation software, which helps you overcome a handful of writing methods. When someone starts using dictation software, you'll find that the word may look choppy, and no one can be sure which word might be the next word to write.
Therefore, it becomes necessary to sync your mouth with your brain. One can easily find these writing strategies to write in articles. Unless one succeeds in arranging the writing flow of words, a lot of practice is required, and the correct method of commanding should be explored to make words grammatically correct.
For example: If you're saying a sentence, 0 "My cat, Kitty, is a good cat's "। Using dictation software, it will be written0 "My cat comma kitty comma is a good cat period.0 Dictation software is quite smart because they know which word should be capitalized, such as the beginning of sentences, names and locations. With more practice, you can write 100 words per minute and even more. With this speed, the person can write more words in a short time.
You can try software like Dragon Naturally Speaking, SpeechNet, e-speaking and Google Docs voice typing.

Just Starts Writing

One of the best writing strategies is simply starting writing because it's easy to stare at the empty white sheet, thinking you're writing on a topic. Therefore, don't just wonder about it; Just get started. No one is complete, and no one can write perfectly in the first attempt. So, don't hesitate about your writing; In the first paragraph, write down the things that are going on in your mind. Then allow yourself to go back and make changes to improve it later.
Sometimes, you'll find it's difficult to start a topic on a particular piece, so you can try to work on different pieces on writing. This will help you get into the work mood and then go back to your daily work of the day. In addition, you can use permission to get the remaining 15-20 minutes then get back on track. Usually, there is enough time to pause your mental barriers.


This blog has provided the number of writing strategies that can boost your writing flow. Being the best freelance website, we have checked these strategies by implementing them on freelance writers as well as on other writers, and find that they are really helpful for them to enhance their writing skills. 

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The Best Writing Apps For Freelance Writers- A Complete Guide
Posted On 04/08/2020 07:11:42

Sometimes you find that your writing is just awesome, and some changes are needed to get it done correctly. There are some factors that are learned through experiences, but on the other hand, there are some best writing apps for freelance writers that help you write creative and productive content for customers. So, you might think how someone improves their writing skills that helps you make thousands of dollars per blogThere are many websites that provide information about being a better author, including the reasons for using the latest technology that help you become the best freelance writer. Nowadays, there are various writing apps available that can easily enhance your writing methods, and it doesn’t matter what kind of writing you’re doing.With the help of the best writing apps, you can organize your content, enhance your writing skills, become more productive. If you want to know the application for creative writing, check the list below and select as per your requirement.

Writing Apps to Increase the Productivity of the Content

Being a freelance writer, one needs to optimize their time to use their maximum time. You can easily earn more money by writing high quality content faster. A time management program can be developed for your work, and this can be done with the help of writing apps. We’ve listed some productive apps that help freelance writers.

Calmly Writer:

Writing the best content according to your abilities can be challenging when you distract something and have your children, your pets and other elements. Then one can easily use the Calmly Writer app, a writing app written by Chrome, which can prevent some irrelevant distractions, by which you can focus on your writing. Traditional word processing distractions can be overcome through this app. It is similar to the experience of writing on a white paper.It has a focus mode, which shows only single paragraphs that you are currently being edited by. This can help you not get distracted by jumping around written paragraphs. Using this app, you can edit your content in a fast way as it provides a variety of keyboard shortcuts. If you are wont to write content on black screen with white text, this app helps you to do so. If you like type-writer sound, you can turn on this app and enjoy the sound.


This is another best writing app for the author that can be easily distracted. When you’re focused on your writing, this app lures all annoying notifications, pop-ups, and Google search bars. It also has the ability to add some simple formatting functions such as italic, bold, and URL. Keyboard shortcuts lets you add quotes to your writing.


There are many invoices and time tracking apps, but of these, Toggle is the easiest writing app that can track time and help you manage all your writing projects. Tracking projects can be handled in detail without leaving the platform you are working on. Toggle is not only the best writing app, but it also has a convenient time tracking capability. One can invoice their client directly using this platform it helps deal with both non-billable and billable hours that are spent on a particular project and observe how much time is being spent on projects and tasks.

Writing Apps for Creative Writings

Writing is like a muscle that requires flexibility and exercise as other skills. To be an ideal writer, one needs to challenge their writing skills and make sure that something is writing correctly, such as the sound and tone of grammar, spelling and writing. There are some applications that help you investigate these writing mistakes and creatively enhance creative processes.


This is the most famous writing app that is available in the market. There are many freelance writers who use these apps on their computers, even on smartphones. The keyboard of this application allows you to correct the spelling, grammar and punctuation of anything you are typing on your computer or smartphone. This can be considered the best writing app as it is helpful to write emails on the device to ignore any silly errors. If you find that you make silly mistakes, Grammar might be one of the best writing apps to fix your problems.


These are fun writing apps that help you write creative content. Being a writer, your thoughts need to be minded in a creative way to enhance your writing skills. This application is helpful in providing writing hints. You can define the writing time between 5 and one hour from anywhere. There’s a mode called Hardcore that can blur writing so that no one needs to be worried about fixing spelling mistakes, and they can also focus on their writing.


This app is helpful for authors who write long documents like manuscripts or eBooks. If you have a new idea about a topic, you can simply go to this app and write it down and come back later to organize the data, then paste it to the appropriate location. There is no need to copy and paste the content, but you can drag and drop the data in the section where you want to move it. This app supports all devices and writes content whenever and wherever you want. You can also write data in one place on your document and manage images, research data and videos.

Writing Apps for Managing the Data

To get success in freelance writing, organizing quality is the most demandable quality. There are some of the best writing apps that help you to remain on track and notes where one requires for easy access. 


It is the easiest to use writing application that can manage different projects. This app is equipped with cards that can be managed by drag and drop method. Manage projects using categories like production, awaited payments, pitches, completed and much more. A picture can connect documents, and add deadlines for projects. Can share your Trello board with a calendar; Therefore, you don’t have to worry about missing any time limit.


Sometimes you find that you have some great ideas in your mind when you reach your computer. This is the best writing app that helps manage all ideas and ideas in a central place that can be accessed from any device. By storing images, keeping quick notes down and storing articles, this app helps you organize data whenever there’s an motivation strike in your mind.


This blog has provided all the relevant information on the best writing apps for freelance writers, which include the different apps to increase the productivity of the content, creative writing, and managing the content. Being the best freelance website, we have analyzed all these apps, that is why we have suggested these apps to you. With the help of these apps, one can easily manage and write their content in an effective way. 

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