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Brilliant Tips for Writing a Great Thesis Acknowledgement
Posted On 09/23/2021 09:25:27

Have you reached almost the end of your paper? One last important thing is still due. Thesis acknowledgement! Many students worry about history case study . But please don’t be. If you have never done it before, you have arrived at the right place.  

Here, you will see how to write the best thesis acknowledgement most efficiently. But before that, you need to learn some basics like the purpose of Acknowledgement, whom to acknowledge, etc.

So let’s begin!

What is Acknowledgement?

At the very beginning of the thesis paper, there is an acknowledgement section. It is allotted to thank everyone or show gratitude to those who have helped you in your thesis. It is located at the beginning, just after the abstract and right before the contents page thesis help. Always try to make it concise. The ideal length of an acknowledgement page is 1-2 pages long. 

What Is The Purpose Of Acknowledgement?

The purpose is:

1. To thank them who supported you in the journey of the research work.

2. The list of the addressee is not limited to just individuals, organizations or institutions.

3. Acknowledgement is not a part of the evaluation, but it is inseparable from your thesis paper.

4. Despite not being a part of the leading research work, as it comes at the beginning of the paper, it can positively or negatively impact the rest of the article. 

Who Should You Acknowledge?

Students usually focus on giving special attention to the professors. Not only because to thank them because they have played an essential role in the thesis paper writing but because to make sure that it does not seem like dismissing their efforts. It would not only be wrong but will also demolish all the chances for any opportunities for chemistry assignment help future collaboration. So, while thinking about who should you acknowledge, list them.

1. Who helped you in the crucial steps during the research?

2. Acknowledge your friends, family.

3. The professors genuinely helped you in the process.

4. The volunteers who have assisted you in the coursework.

5. The professional bodies who gave you funding or other help.

So, plan the list.

How To Write A Thesis Acknowledgment?

There is no such strict hand rule. assignment help 4 me Instead, it is the only section of the thesis paper where you can be a little informal.

1. Ensure that the tonality of your thesis paper must align with the person or organization. So be formal while addressing the official groups or funding bodies.

2. Present the acknowledgement structure in a logical order.

3. Initiate with the most formal support.

4. Then, in the descending, move forward with your acknowledgements.

5. While acknowledging the help of professionals, write their full name with their title.  

So, follow the tips to write the best thesis acknowledgement and also get physics assignment help

23 Common SWOT Analysis Mistakes You Should Stay Away From
Posted On 08/11/2021 20:19:15

Writing a SWOT analysis is no easy feat. But, it’s an unavoidably important task for business and management students. You may come across a wide slew of help with case study online. Thus, here are 23 common SWOT analysis mistakes you should avoid while writing this paper.

1.Vague data about the market

No matter what your topic is, the SWOT analysis should include some of the background details about the market Test help and the brand in the beginning. Make sure you gather relevant data to write the SWOT analysis.

2.Subjective approach

Research in a case study is an objective approach. That means you needn’t have to display your personal opinion about the topic.

3.Incomplete information

You may get hold of the information in its raw form. So, you need to arrange the pieces of information in a logical order.

4.Unfocused approach

Sorting ideas and gathering history assignment help information may distract you from the real work. So, stay focused throughout the case study writing process.

5.Wrong format

SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. And you should write it in the same order in your paper.

6.Double entries

You don’t have to repeat any piece of information. Redundancy can bring down the quality of your SWOT analysis.

7.Unrealistic ideas

Inappropriate assumptions of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats can land you in trouble. So, stay away from unrealistic ideas in the SWOT analysis.

8.No time frame

Remember, SWOT analysis is always considered credible if it is conducted in a specific time frame. Not doing so makes your study inaccurate.

9.Lack of quality benchmarks

Benchmarks in SWOT analysis helps readers measure how well your estimation ranks up. That way, it’s easier to predict the profits of the firm.

10.Inaccurate goal estimation

This mistake leads to inaccurate details in the strengths and opportunities sections in the SWOT analysis. So, be clear with the objectives.

11.Overestimation of strengths

It’s a general mistake to overestimate the strong points of the market. So, consult with your peers to get the right set of data.

12.Underestimating the weaknesses

At times, you may assume the weaknesses not to be strong enough. Financial Accounting Assignment Help means you aren’t well prepared for contingencies.

13. Generalisations

Generalising the strengths and weaknesses can only affect the quality of your SWOT analysis. It leads to data inconsistencies and mistakes.

14. Lack of clarity

Set straightforward objectives before you start writing the SWOT analysis. It is less time-consuming that way.

15.No in-depth analysis

You should always cite the sources used in the analysis. Check the format followed by your university.

16.Not customising data

You should treat each SWOT analysis as a separate entity. Adapt to the market scenario as per your topic.


Avoid contradictions as much as possible. Contradictory statements do not let you have a definitive conclusion.

18. No PESTLE analysis

Include this section even if not asked to. Highlight the political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors.

19.Grammatical errors

Your SWOT analysis should be 100% error-free. Get it checked by a grammatical checker before final submission.


Even 1% of plagiarism can have a severe impact on your paper. So, cite the sources or use a plagiarism checker tool.

21.No input from others

Essay writer Consider other relevant contributions in your field while writing the SWOT analysis.

22.Too narrow of a focus

An ideal SWOT analysis shouldn’t have a focus that’s too broad or too narrow.

23.Performing an analysis once

Make it a point to perform the analyses at least twice before using the data in your paper.

Stay away from these mistakes and score good grades in your SWOT analysis. 

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Four Tips To Write A Perfect Rhetorical Analysis Essay
Posted On 07/30/2021 00:59:25

In a rhetorical analysis essay, or advance analysis like Siemens case study help you have to break down a work of non-fiction into various segments and analyse how each of those parts works together to affect the audience. This effect can be to inform, educate or persuade the reader about a specific topic. While it can be challenging to understand how to approach this kind of essay, you can follow these four valuable tips to improve your writing.


  1. Understand the persuasion strategies before analysing


Before you begin to dissect a text in your rhetorical analysis essay, Company law case study help  you should have a thorough understanding of the various persuasion strategies that authors use in their works. These strategies are:


  • Ethos
  • Logos
  • Pathos
  • Positive motivation
  • Negative motivation
  • Cognitive dissonance
  • Appeal to safety needs
  • Appeal to social needs
  • Appeal to self-esteem needs


During your analysis, you need to correctly identify what techniques the author uses in their writing and its reason.


  1. Read the source multiple times


The best way to approach any assignment that requires thorough analysis is to read it multiple times. It would be best to comprehend the meanings behind the text before you move on to your research and legal case studies examples  . Doing so will help you figure out the author’s intentions with the text.


  1. Outline your essay 


When you work on an outline before writing your essay, you ensure that your argument flows smoothly. Moreover, it also helps you keep track of all the crucial points, shell case study help  so you don’t miss out on anything in your final drafts.


A simple outline of a rhetorical analysis essay would consist of-


  • The introduction -Here, you have to introduce the text that you will analyse, some author details, and an overview of what the reader can expect.


  • The body - In this section,you will tackle each argument with examples and analyse the persuasive techniques.


  • The conclusion - Here,you need to tie everything together and show the impact of the author’s work.


  1. Always proofread your work


There is nothing more critical than proofreading your essay before submission. Even if you are very careful, there is always the possibility of errors in your paper like Essay writer . Therefore, you must check your work multiple times to rectify any spelling or grammatical mistakes.



As long as you follow these four tips, it will be easy for you to write an excellent rhetorical analysis essay. Just remember not to rush the process and take your time with the initial research.

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4 Amazing Tips for Students to Prepare Case Studies
Posted On 04/22/2021 08:50:44

Case studies are a common form of assignment in the field of management, medicine, and law. But many of you may not have enough clarity about preparing these case studies, and opt for case study help and online assignment help services for guidance. However, knowing a few handy tips can help you put together case studies like a pro.


If you're eager to find out about these tricks and tips, then we've got them listed out below. These ideas are approved by the case study help experts online.




  1. Define the subject of study


A case study often emphasises a single individual, or a small group of people, or sometimes a single event. You'll have to perform qualitative research to find particular details bibliography maker about how to write a case study or how the subject is affected.


Also, remember case studies aren¿t designed for large group studies or statistical analysis.




  1. Perform background research


If you¿re researching a group of people, find details about their past that may be relevant. Solid background knowledge of the research topic will assist in your own research and online essay help as well.


Any case study, more specifically case studies with a retrospective element, will benefit from general academic research strategies.




  1. Collect all of your data and analyse it


After reading through the research materials, you may notice that the data reacts in a surprising way. You have to gather all the details together and keep it focused before writing case studies, particularly if your research was conducted grammar checker by ghost writer in intervals across months or years.


If you¿re working in a team, it¿ll be best to assign sections to make sure your case study has a natural flow. 




  1. Write your final case study report


Depending on the research questions you prepared and the type of case study you carried out, this may be a descriptive report, an analytical argument grounded in a particular case.


Myassignmenthelp reviews Incorporate the most relevant observations and interviews in the case study itself, and consider using additional data as an appendix for readers to refer to.


Using these tricks will help you prepare the perfect case studies. -studies?

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4 Tips for Completing an Urgent Assignment
Posted On 04/12/2021 07:53:40

Are you currently acing your mathematics or geography assignments? Then you have arrived at the right place to know how you can do so. You can seek essay help online or academic assistance from professional experts. But there exist other methods too.

You can:

  1. 1.     Use Online Academic Tools

Today, you can take advantage of the online academic tools. These include essay typers, proofreaders, grammar checker , citation generators, algebra solvers, compilers, and much more. For instance, if you have no idea about the topic and submit it urgently, use the essay typer. All you have to do is type in the topic and random sentences, and the tool offers you the write-up quickly.

Similarly, citation generators come in handy when you are unable to cite sources in your papers. And if you struggle to simplify polynomial equations, use the algebra solvers.

  1. 2.     Ask Your Peers to Assist You

If you are short on time, you can ask your peers to assist you. You can ask them to help you out with calculations, coding or research. If you have any questions, or doubts, you can put forward those questions on any online forums. You can even be part of Facebook education groups.

If you get stuck with the assignment solving process, you can refer to:

  1. 3.     Sample Papers

If you are unbale to format your paper or need updated information, you can refer to the sample papers online. You can get access to them in the samples section of the academic service or format for resume by online assignment help providers. Or, you can check out the university libraries.

The papers available at the repositories of the educational service providers are crafted by professional experts. Thus, you get to see authentic information, accurate citations, academic paper formats, etc.

In addition to this, you should:

  1. 4.     Remain Calm

If you maintain your calm and composure, you can complete the task in no time. First calculate the amount of time you have left. Next, you segregate the task as per the time limit. If you are writing an essay, conduct thorough research. Collect all the facts and figures with which you can validate your arguments. Next, make a list of the citations.

And then just start writing. Start with a hook, write the thesis statement and introduce the topic. Cover the various angles in the body, and make sure you include them under separate subheadings. Finally, end it with a succinct conclusion.

However, if you feel that the task is daunting, seek essay assignment help from professional experts.

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