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Posted On 10/24/2019 06:18:03

Are you struggling when it comes to choosing a custom research paper topic? A lot is riding on your research paper, but if you don’t know what to write about you could find yourself in big trouble.

The experts at the custom paper writing services have some tips for selecting the right research topic:

First, sit down with your professor or instructor and figure out your options. Sometimes the topic has to be narrowed down to a very specific area related to your course, but often your teacher gives you some leeway. Just make sure you are following the instructions and grading rubric.

Next, once you have decided on the topic, it is always necessary get approval from your professor in advance. Nothing would be more disastrous than completing dissertation conclusions only to fail because you’ve chosen a topic that is either too general or does not relate to the curriculum. It’s better for them to say “pick something else” before you’ve started rather than after you’ve finished the essay.

Depending on the course level, students are sometimes asked to do actual field research. This means conducting interviews, creating surveys, and collecting data.  For example, you might need to set up a meeting with a business manager to find out how to run a small company or you might consult an IT expert to report on custom business software.


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Thesis and Abstract Writing
Posted On 10/24/2019 02:41:43

Novice researchers who begin work on a thesis always have a lot of questions about the writing methodology and rules of its formatting. Sometimes, it is not easy to find the answers because the methodological literature is not enough. Even if you can get it, the information you found may be essentially outdated.

All this adversely affects the scientific activity of learners who are not able to realize their opportunities. The guidelines describe a number of problems that a graduate student may encounter during the entire period of writing a scientific paper (the choice of topic and the preparation of the work). It is very important to research a subject and to have an idea about the methods of a scientific approach to writing a thesis.

The abstract is a summary of the paper, necessary for quick acquaintance with the main purpose of the work. In other words, it provides an opportunity to learn information about the main content of the thesis, the goals, and the methods of solving the problem. The properly compiled abstract will allow the reader to make a clear picture of the study.

The text of the thesis and abstract should be formatted according to some requirements. They include the rules of punctuation and structure. However, due attention should be paid to the grammatical component of the text of your study. Many students are interested in what tense form to choose when writing a work and annotation to it. This information will help you understand the essence of this choice.

The Use of Tense Forms

The Present Tense

Information about general facts should be written in the present tense. If you describe any stage of your research, you should also apply this form. If the mention of your research plays the role of a subject in a sentence, use the present tense too (for example, the study considers a hypothesis, we demonstrate an example, etc.) If you draw conclusions and state the facts, use this tense form. (For example, we have determined that this value significantly exceeds previous calculations).

The Past Tense

Based on the previous paragraph, it can be concluded that all the relevant information that directly relates to your research should be written in the present tense form. When describing background facts and additions, you should use the past tense forms. (For example, if you are busy with writing a hypothesis chapter).

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