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Posted On 03/02/2021 10:49:06

Software development is the most needed and most profitable business these days. Web and mobile apps have lots of possibilities, show interesting content, and attract users all around the world. For startups, having an app is a must, for the long-existing businesses not having one is a crime. And who wouldn’t want to have an app to promote their products and services? Especially in New York. If so, which company would they go to? What do you need to know about the top 10 companies in New York? Read further and get the information you were looking for!

Cream of the Crop in New York

According to, there are about 878 web development companies in New York that perform top-notch and produce cutting-edge web, mobile, and design solutions. 878 companies sound impressive indeed. However, let’s talk about the top 10 leaders among these NYC web development firms.

You can see the real-time Leader Matrix with the top 10 best web developers on the NYC market above.

10 best web development companies in New York


1. Inoxoft – “Responsible. Responsive. On-Time”

10 best web development companies in New YorkInoxoft is one of the best web development companies in New York. It is an international software development company that delivers first-of-class apps worldwide. Inoxoft’s delivery principles base on iterative development and expectation management. The company offers a Discovery Phase service allowing clients to test their business idea and receive a business plan.

Service Areas: Custom Software Development, Web Development

Top clients: TOSHIBA, NIVEA, Vestel, University of San Diego, Synergy 3D, NEO VICI, OSS, VIM, AIRPA, OverOps, MAXFIN, Medical Cytrometrix, BEYOND VERBAL, YUMBLEKIDS, Slooh, New Amigos, Guru, Papukurier, SITIME, LUMEN, PINGUIN, OatFoundry, BOS Dimex, MULTIVIB, WALDRON, QUICKWY, Panic Guard, Rhenus Logistics, Jador

Portfolio/Reviews: BehanceClutch.coGitHub

Social Profiles: FacebookTwitterLinkedInInstagram

2. Rootstrap – “Outcome-driven development. At any scale”

10 best web development companies in New YorkRootstrap is the top website development company in NYC that is client-oriented. Founded in 2011, Rootstrap aims at helping other companies to scale people, processes, and products. Rootstrap’s goal is to build interfaces that are iteratively-designed software solutions.

Service Areas: Web Development, Mobile App Development, Artificial Intelligence

Top clients: MasterClass, Google, Salesforce, Universal Music Group, FanBread, Cash Money Records, Spotify, Snoop Dogg, CES, Disney, Tony Robbins, Microsoft, Epson, Loftey, Ericsson, Die Antwoord, Live Nation, TikTok, Adidas

Portfolio/Reviews:, GitHub

Social Profiles: Facebook, Twitter


3. thoughtbot – “Let’s make your product and team a success”

10 best web development companies in New Yorkthoughtbot is among the best web development companies in New York City. It is a consultant project-focused team of experts in design and development. thoughtbot contributes to software development by producing successful web and mobile products and teaching how to achieve the best results. For 16 years the thoughtbot team believes that the right strategy is the key to designing the right product.

Service Areas: Web Development, Mobile App Development, UX/UI Design

Top clients: Yammer, Postmates, LOLA, Iora Health, edX, LevelUp, Tile, JoyDrive, and SplitFit

Portfolio/Reviews: С, GitHub, Dribbble

Social Profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn

4. Postlight – “Your partner for the next big leap”

10 best web development companies in New YorkPostlight is also a company among the top web development firms in NYC. It was founded in 2015 and is a digital strategy, design, and engineering company that collaborates with the best organizations globally and builds digital platforms for millions of people.

Service Areas: Mobile App Development, Web Development, UX/UI Design

Top clients: VICE, Bloomberg, Mailchimp, the Metropolitan Transit Authority, Barnes & Noble, and Goldman Sachs

Portfolio/Reviews: С, GitHub

Social Profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn


5. Tivix – “Innovation Engineering”

10 best web development companies in New YorkTivix is the top website development company in New York specializing in web and mobile app development based on agile principles. The company was founded in 2008, and it offers quick time-to-market opportunities with standards-based software code. Tivix’s team of top web developers in New York produces scalable, secure, and truly reliable enterprise-level software.

Service Areas: Custom Software Development, Web Development, Mobile App Development

Top clients: SolarCity, Zoetis, VMware, Bayer, Syapse, Apple

Portfolio/Reviews: С, GitHub, Dribbble

Social Profiles: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

6. Unified Infotech – “Proactive Experts Crafting Digital Success”

10 best web development companies in New YorkUnified Infotech is a top website development company in New York. Unified infotech was founded in 2010. It works with global Enterprises, SME’s and advanced Start-Ups producing custom-made software, web, and mobile apps. By combining smart planning, design thinking, and the present technologies, United infotech helps clients become more business efficient.

Service Areas: Web Design, Web Development

Top clients: NBC Universal, Citi Bank, Colorcon, Future Group, Openreel, Bridger

Portfolio/Reviews: С, Dribbble, Behance

Social Profiles: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram


7. Blue Fountain Media – “Make The Shift From Now to Next”

10 best web development companies in New YorkBlue Fountain Media is one of the best web development agencies in New York. Due to merging imagination with technology, the company delivers user-focused digital experiences that level up brands and businesses. Founded in 2003, Blue Fountain Media provides deep expertise in B2B and B2C website development and design, integrated marketing solutions, and branding.

Service Areas: Web Design, Web Development, Digital Strategy

Top clients: RailWorks, FedEx Ground, Delta Star, Cathay Bank, IGY Marinas, Blue Pearl, Service King, Baldor Foods, CDK Global, Service King, Workfront, NYU, SONY, Peterbilt, MetLife, Engel &Volkers, Wholesome, Hartz

Portfolio/Reviews: С

Social Profiles: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram

8. CemtrexLabs – “Supplying Arms for the Digital Revolution”

10 best web development companies in New YorkCemtrexLabs is also among the top New York web developers that transform brands and make them grow via their digital services. CemtrexLabs was founded in 2009. It offers software, hardware, design, and development services: business-critical apps, powerful AR, and VR apps for brands globally that excel every expectation of consumer, industrial, experiential, and commerce apps.

Service Areas: AR/VR Development, Web Development, E-Commerce Development

Top clients: Cartier, IWC Schaffhausen, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Montblanc, Officine Panerai, Piaget, Vacheron Constantin, AT&T, LiveNation, Essence, Revolt Media, AARP, Endevour, V Magazine, Hearst Media, Pitaya (Maderas Labs), Interior Define, Nameless.TV

Portfolio/Reviews: С, GitHub

Social Profiles: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram

9. ArcTouch – “Trusted by the Fortune 500 and startups since 2009”

10 best web development companies in New YorkArcTouch is among the best web development agencies in New York. The company was founded in 2009, it designs user-friendly apps and develops technology for the tech-savvy world. ArcTouch is an expert in mobile and voice apps development, website development, blockchain technology, and smart IoT product development.

Service Areas: Mobile App Development, UX/UI Design, Web Development

Top clients: Hawaiian Airlines, Audi, 3M, HP, PayPal, McCormick, AB InBev, and many more

Portfolio/Reviews: С, GitHub, Dribbble

Social Profiles: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram

10. Lform Design – “Web Design & Development”

10 best web development companies in New YorkAs the best web development agency in NYC, providing digital marketing for B2Bcompanies, Lform was founded in 2005 as a precision and consistency oriented company. Lform website development in NYC is a combination of creativity and technological prowess for digital design and marketing solutions delivery. The client’s goals are met from discovery to development. Websites Lform Design develops are informative and connect any organization with its audience.

Service Areas: Web Development, Web Design, Mobile App Development

Top clients: AAA Innovations, CAST Lighting, Bergen Cable, Dauphin, Fuji Film, Insight Partners, Kulite, Mitsubishi Fuso, Modern Restaurant Management, and REdirect Consulting

Portfolio/Reviews: С

Social Profiles: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram

Wrapping Up

So, now you know which web development companies are the best in NYC and offer cutting-edge solutions as well as top services to their clients. If you’re still interested in the other 868 companies, do visit and look through the list.

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Posted On 03/02/2021 10:46:34

New Jersey is one of the 50 states in the U. S. with an area of 8,722.58 square miles and a population of more than 8,882,190 people. It is a versatile state with lots of opportunities. New Jersey includes numerous industries, one of which is software web development. What companies are acknowledged for their top performance in NJ? What do we know about them? Let’s explore!

10 Best web development companies in New Jersey Top New Jersey Web Developers

New Jersey’s Most Wanted Companies

  • Inoxoft

10 Best web development companies in New Jersey

It is a software development company on an international scale. Therefore, it may be considered one of the NJ web development companies. Inoxoft specializes in:

  • custom software development
  • web development
  • mobile app development

At Inoxoft receives 5 stars for its major contribution to the midmarket and small businesses. The company works with such clients as TOSHIBA, NIVEA, Vestel, University of San Diego, Synergy 3D, NEO VICI, OSS, VIM, AIRPA, OverOps, MAXFIN, Medical Cytrometrix, BEYOND VERBAL, YUMBLEKIDS, Slooh, New Amigos, Guru, Papukurier, SITIME, LUMEN, PINGUIN, OatFoundry, BOS Dimex, MULTIVIB, WALDRON, QUICKWY, Panic Guard, Rhenus Logistics, Jador.

Inoxoft’s mission is

  • to make an impact with an intellectual team
  • to be among the top market players, participate in global tech challenges, and provide valuable solutions
  • to provide top-notch services, efficient delivery, and expert solutions
  • to create opportunities for smart people.

Extended information about the history of the company, its services, blog posts, and contacts can be found at Inoxoft’s website.

  • Lform Design

10 Best web development companies in New Jersey

It is a web development agency in New Jersey and New York specializing in:

  • marketing
  • branding
  • website design
  • web development for 2B2 companies
  • mobile app development

At Lform Design has a rating of 4.8 stars. The agency’s focus falls on helping clients from midmarket and small businesses. The agency works with such clients as AAA Innovations, CAST Lighting, Bergen Cable, Dauphin, Fuji Film, Insight Partners, Kulite, Mitsubishi Fuso, Modern Restaurant Management, and REdirect Consulting.

Lform Design defines its mission as

“….. focus on B2B manufacturing companies and consultancies ….. to understand our clients to the fullest. This ….. ensures that our mission to deliver exceptional measurable results is achieved through thoughtful web design and sound digital marketing strategy.”

You can read full information about the history of the company, its services, blog posts, and contacts at Lform Design’s website.

  • Cantilever

10 Best web development companies in New Jersey

It is a company that produces web development services in New Jersey. Cantilever specializes in website

  • design
  • development
  • support
  • upgrading gives Cantilever 4.9 stars in its pursuit of success. This company differs from the previous ones in its primary focus, which is in helping not only midmarket and small businesses but also enterprise ones. Cantilever works with such clients as IBM, American Express, New York Times, Esquire Magazine, Droga5, Northeastern University, NYU, The IMF, American Cancer Society, Samuellson’s Red Rooster Harlem, and In The Raw Sweeteners.

The company brings value by building websites from scratch, designed for the long-term, faster in engagement, and simply, meant for the audience. So, Cantilever defines the following principle it works by:

  • caring for clients’ success
  • transparent communication
  • management of priorities
  • trustworthy partnership
  • constant improvement of websites

More information about the company is available on its website.

  • Semgeeks

10 Best web development companies in New Jersey

Semgeeks is a web development agency in NJ that wins all the awards. Semgeeks believes that starting trends is better than following them. The main focus of the agency is to provide services of

  • digital marketing
  • web design
  • web development rates Semgeeks as an agency with 4.9 stars for its contribution to design, marketing, and web development. The focus of Semgeeks falls on helping small, midmarket, and enterprise-level businesses. The agency has been working with the following clientele: Surf Taco, Faherty Brand, Chefs International, Marina Grille, Monmouth University, Woodhaven, Mamoun’s Falafel, Windmill Hot Dogs, New York Health & Racquet Club (NYHRC), Jersey Mike’s Subs, Rutgers, Oak Hill Academy, Brookdale, Penn Graduate School of Education, Liberty Helicopters.

The biggest value of the company is in empowering both its clients for advancement and its employees to produce better results. Also, Semgeeks values the “geeks” that work for the company. Here, the company has responsibility for and cares about its people. Also, they highlight that “Our experience sets us apart” making it pretty clear that the culture at the company together with its vision is to allow employees to learn and scale.

If you’re curious to learn more about the agency and see what they are up to, visit Semgeeks website.

  • AndPlus

10 Best web development companies in New Jersey

AndPlus specializes in tech consultancy and web development. Among the services it provides one can find:

  • product strategy
  • conceptual prototyping
  • UI/UX design
  • IoT apps
  • iOS/Android development
  • AI and ML
  • cross-platform mobile development
  • firmware development
  • testing gives AndPlus a rating of 4.9 stars. The market focus of AndPlus is on enterprise businesses, midmarket, and small businesses. AndPlus works with such clients as Bloomberg, ESPN, MIT, Cambridge Mobile Telematics, LinkAKC, Honeywell, Cognex, Predicata, Crunched Accounting, NexRev, Goodstart Genetics, Onset Computers, Harvard School of Public Health, Medica , Phoenix Controls, AEMC, Arthromeda, Party Valet, CA Pager, DKF Solutions, VGSI, Stratcomm, Harvey, PrismHR, Phantom Gourmet.

Andplus works according to the principles of

  • commitment
  • visibility
  • collaboration
  • innovation

By committing to excellent service, timely delivery, giving clients the right to participate in development processes, collaborating on friendly but professional terms, and producing innovative solutions, AndPlus brings value to its customers and to the web development services in New Jersey. More information can be found by clicking on the link.

  • NewAgeSMB – Top Mobile App & Web Development Company in NJ, NY, FL, USA

10 Best web development companies in New Jersey

NewAgeSMB is an iOS and Android web development company in New Jersey. The company provides the best solutions by following four steps:

  • idea
  • design
  • code
  • action

Taking these steps the company has earned a good reputation on the market and a rate of 5 stars on NewAgeSMB works with such clients as Cab App, YellowX, GogoWash, LCard, Global Access, Travel GTS, Junkshot, Redify, RHG RoleMode, School Cafe, Bubblescale, StatChat, Palliative care, TrueGift, Sportable. NewAgeSMB focuses on providing solutions for small businesses offering web development, mobile development, and UI/UX design services.

The mission of the company lies in defining steps to take your idea and lead it until it’s ready to market. For instance,

  • definition of concept
  • tech feasibility evaluation
  • prototype creation
  • app design
  • agile app development
  • app testing
  • launch

For more information about the NewAgeSMB web development company and its solution approaches visit the NewAgeSMB website.

  • 2 Dogs Media

10 Best web development companies in New Jersey

Dogs Media is a web development company from New Jersey specializing in:

  • WordPress website design
  • top SEO services

At the company has a rating of 5 stars and its primary focus is on helping small businesses. The clients of Dogs Media are the Travel & Tourism Research Association Wharton Institute, Rangelands Land Trust Alliance, and the Ireland Chamber of Commerce.

The vision and mission of the company are hidden behind its name. Here, dogs denote a friend and, this way, the company wants to become “the best friend on the web” for their clients. Despite having a small team, the company makes a big difference in the software development market.

For additional read go to the 2 Dogs Media website and find all the needed information there!

  • KISS digital

10 Best web development companies in New Jersey

Kiss digital is one of New Jersey’s web development companies that offer solutions such as:

  • mobile apps
  • web-apps
  • web development
  • Internet of Things
  • e-commerce
  • social media assigns Kiss digital 4.9 stars. The company has an interest in helping enterprise, midmarket and small businesses. The company’s key clients are Ernst & Young, PAYBACK, Eurocash Group, Medicover, NN Investment Partners, AVON, Oknoplast, Idea Money, Olimp Labs, OBI, and Haddad.

Kiss digital’s goal is to help their client receive a digital solution in

  • mobile apps
  • web development
  • UI/UX design

The company’s vision is to be of use to different businesses and remain highly professional, qualified in achieving results and credibility. Kiss digital is not just a simple name, it refers to the way of thinking. So, the word KISS translates as “keep it simple, stupid”. This saying points out to simplicity as the basic means of web development processes in Kiss digital. More useful information can be found by following the link.

  • Hero Digital

10 Best web development companies in New Jersey

Hero Digital is a company based on customer experience. Hero digital specializes in

  • digital strategy
  • web design
  • web development

According to, Hero Digital receives 5 stars and focuses on creating solutions for enterprise, midmarket, and small businesses. The clients of the company are Western Digital, Sephora, Salesforce, Aramark, Borgata Hotel & Casino, Easterseals, Sunrise Senior Living, Universal Health Services, Inc.

The mission of the company states that it creates beauty and truth that are valuable to people and businesses. Thus, Hero Digital keeps web development simple and uses the following steps to achieve the best results:

  • inventing
  • transforming
  • performing

Hero Digital also has a website, where you can find information about their services and working methods.

  • ReachFarther

10 Best web development companies in New Jersey

ReachFarther is a web design and development agency in NJ. The agency has a multi-industry specialty that covers

  • web design
  • web programming
  • web hosting
  • sales/marketing
  • sales analytics
  • online search (SEO/SEM) gives ReachFarther its credit and rates it with 5 stars. Key clients of Reachfarther are Alisme Law Boykin Management Company, CBC Dabora, Inc., Denali Property Management Excelon Associates GAF Galvan & Associates Goodway Group Hammes Company Lakeside Art Studio Madison 88 R.M. Piper Spire Learning Starfish Associates The Midwest Clinic Urban Child Academy Vitalis Consulting Waller Helms Advisors Walt Disney Parks & Resorts.

The mission of the company is to help customers in navigating through the digital world. Saying “Relax. We got this.” ReachFarther highlights their significant capabilities in design and marketing and assures that their clients are always satisfied with the solutions they bring to life. To know more about this web design agency in NJclick here.


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Posted On 03/02/2021 10:42:45

Leader Companies in Washington DC

10 Best Web Development Companies in Washington DC


One of the American fifty states to attract attention is Washington, DC. It’s big, it’s populous, and it’s the capital of the USA. Washington is a great place for opportunities from a business perspective. If you are searching for a vendor to carry out your project, or the best web developers in Washington DC or the best employer companies to apply for a job here, this article is just for you! According to Clutch, there are 512 top web design companies in Washington. However, let’s explore the top 10 web development service vendors in DC.

Inoxoft – 5.0⭐by Clutch

  • Inoxoft is an international-level software development vendor, a certified partner, and a company that focuses on delivering cutting-edge apps all around the world.
  • The services of web development include React, Node.js, Python, and .Net technology stack. Mobile development (both iOS and Android) includes React Native and Flutter (cross-platform mobile development). Every development process is supported by Quality Assurance testing and Automation Testing, which doesn’t let bugs slip into production and cause malfunctions.
  • Inoxoft is proud to have the UI/UX designer team in the company. Everything designers create is up-to-date, and both user- and client-oriented. Some of their works can be viewed at Inoxoft Behance Profile.
  • Inoxoft delivers its solutions based on client expectations and iterative development. Timely delivery and top coding skills are the pillars of Inoxoft developer work.
  • Inoxoft can test your business idea with the help of a Discovery Phase. The service is designed specifically to estimate the client’s requirements, assess the idea of the project, market demand, and any other important features.

Interactive Strategies – 4.9⭐by Clutch

  • Interactive Strategies is a digital agency based in Washington DC that provides full services of digital design, development, and marketing.
  • Interactive Strategies focus on resolving the challenges of associations, non-profit, and commercial clients. To achieve valuable results, the company manages and maintains good strategy, design, user experience, content, technology provision, and marketing campaigns.
  • CMS platforms that Interactive Strategies work with are WordPress, Drupal, and Sitecore. Also, the company works with Engaging Networks, EveryAction, Luminate, and Raiser’s Edge fundraising and donor platforms.
  • The sites of Interactive Strategies also integrate with AMS like netForum, Personify, Aptify, iMIS, Nimble, and many more.

Unleashed Technologies – 4.9⭐by Clutch

  • Unleashed Technologies is a web development company in Washington. It is client-oriented, with a professional team that creates, enhances, and manages websites, web apps, and end-user satisfaction.
  • Producing top-notch web design and development, Unleashed Technologies uses the growth model to integrate two teams: on the client’s side and their own.
  • A combination of technologies, visuals, and innovative strategies helps the company to deliver fast data-based results.
  • Agile development, communication on all levels, certificate-earning, focus on specialization and results make Unleashed Technologies so valuable on the market among the other agencies in the USA.

Lounge Lizard – 4.7⭐by Clutch

  • Lounge Lizard is a web development company in Washington DC that creates corporate Websites, E-commerce Websites, custom Web apps, and mobile applications at the enterprise level.
  • The digital marketing team aims at designing smart strategies with the help of which potential clients will benefit from retaining, and engaging customers across the Internet, Social Media platforms, and Emails.
  • The agency consists of designers, developers, digital marketers, and project managers. All these people are highly-skilled and some of the best professionals in the market.

Teal Media – 5.0⭐by Clutch

  • Teal Media is a web design and development agency in Washington DC. The agency focuses on working with nonprofit organizations and advocacy ones.
  • Teal Media puts lots of effort and skills to make their clients successful. According to the agency’s belief, a design has to have a purpose and transform organizations for the better, e.g. become proactive and progress at a fast pace.
  • Teal Media can become a trustworthy partner. Having enormous experience, the agency knows how to invest in your mission, and make every step of the process understandable.
  • Teal Media provides solutions by primarily conducting solid research, acknowledging the needs of your brand, making your audience engaged and satisfied, and leading you gradually towards evolution and growth.

10 Best Web Development Companies in Washington DC

Blue Water – 4.8⭐by Clutch

  • Blue Water is another experienced Washington DC web agency that partners with clients and focuses on the end-users.
  • The agency uses its broad knowledge-base to meet challenges with digital solutions and transformations, to segment audiences, and personalize experiences.
  • Clients of Blue Water are top associations, the federal government, and several companies.
  • Blue Water has small but cross-functional teams that promote innovative approaches in iterating digital solutions that make an impact.
  • Blue Water’s team defines every challenge as a possibility to meet requirements, create, advance, and grow in their skills and experience.

Silverback Strategies – 4.8⭐by Clutch

  • Silverback Strategies is an agency in Washington DC, based on marketing. The agency aims to strategically search for leads and sales per client request and increase them. The search is done via content marketing techniques and social media postings.
  • The relationships Silverback Strategies built require communication, measurement, and reporting on a daily level.
  • The agency’s top goal on the list is to improve clients’ online performance consistently. The team is experienced and knows some tips and tricks to make your business idea skyrocket for your audience.

Borenstein Group, Inc. – 4.9⭐by Clutch

  • Borenstein Group, Inc. is a Washington DC digital marketing development agency.
  • The agency’s specialization covers supply chain, systems integration, information technology, homeland security, defense, intelligence, telecommunications, aerospace, higher learning, non-profits, and government.
  • To be on top among the rest of the advertising agencies, Borenstein Group concentrates on a single mission: to use strategy and creativity in their services to achieve the highest ROI.
  • Borenstein Group has many cards at its sleeve: e.g. they are experts in an unparalleled vertical market and use creative development in every aspect of digital marketing, branding, PR, and agile practices.

WDG – Web Development Group – 4.9⭐by Clutch

  • WDG is the Washington-based digital strategy company that gains awards for its contributions.
  • WDG focuses on brand awareness and conversions increase with the help of content strategy, UX/UI, updating brands, and implementing enterprise based WordPress & Drupal 8 platforms.
  • WDG offers API/SSO integration services, third-party marketing automation, and CRM systems.
  • At WDG, the team is committed and mutually responsible for the common work. For this reason, the agency collaborates both internally and externally.
  • WDGperforms mission-focused work and chooses clients with regards to its ability to provide the best possible services and highest-quality output.
  • Such digital platforms as websites, applications, e-commerce experiences created by WDG together with partnering with its clients are always worthwhile and long-lasting.

nclud – 4.9⭐by Clutch

  • nclud is an interactive agency from Washington DC focusing on digital design.
  • For its work and contributions, nclud has achieved a global portfolio of brands they have managed to help. E.g. Adobe, NASDAQ, Discovery Education, The Grammys, Rosetta Stone, The Washington Post, Mashable, and more.
  • nclud promises to implement ideas from A to Z being very attentive to every step taken. The agency designs and creates to meet the context.
  • Taking both technical skills and creativity, nclud creates with regards to project requirements.
  • The mission of the agency is to understand where their clients are and create a journey leading to the place where these clients want to appear.
  • nclud has an outstandingly collaborative team on both internal and external processes. Stakeholders are always involved in decision-making as well as end-users have a chance to test and give feedback to a product before it is ready to market.

10 Best Web Development Companies in Washington DC

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Gradient Boosting Classifier
Posted On 02/04/2021 15:13:55

What's a Gradient Boosting Classifier?

Gradient boosting classifier is a set of machine learning algorithms that include several weaker models to combine them into a strong big one with highly predictive output. Models of a kind are popular due to their ability to classify datasets effectively.

Gradient boosting classifier usually uses decision trees in model building. But how are the values obtained, processed, and classified?

Classification is a process, where the machine learning algorithm is given some data and puts it into discrete classes. These classes are unique per each data and are categorized accordingly. For example, in our e-mail box we have such categories as “inbox” and “spam”, and the mail received is classified according to the letter’s contextual features.

Regression is also a machine learning algorithm, which works based on the results obtained by the ML model. In the other words, we obtain a real value that is also a continuous value (weight, pulse). Regression aims at predicting value (age of a person) based on continuous values (weight, height, etc.)

Gradient boost was introduced by Jerome Friedman, who believed that with small steps it is possible to predict better with a dataset that is being tested.

To make out predictions and build a decision tree, we will need to carry out several steps.

Step one - Gathering and Analyzing Our Data

In the table above we are using the training data that we have gathered from six patients. The data shows patients’ presence of chest pain, their pulse (beats per minute), weight (underweight, normal, and overweight), and a history of heart disease. Our aim here is to understand how gradient boost fits a model to this training data.

Step two - Odds and Probability Calculating

Using gradient boost for classification we discover the initial prediction for every patient in the log (odds).

To calculate the overall log (odds), let’s differentiate between the patients, who answered “yes” for heart disease and the ones, who answered “no”. Here, we have 4 patients in the training dataset that answered positively, and two patients that answered negatively. So, the log (odds) that patients have heart disease is

This number is going to be present in the initial leaf of our tree as an initial prediction.

But how can we use initial prediction for classification? The easiest and smartest way to do so is to convert the log (odds) to probability. The trick here is to use the logistic function.

And our probability will look like this:

With the help of the log (odds) we obtained primarily, the probability of heart disease we get is

The number 0.5 is considered to be the probability threshold in making a classification decision tree based on it, so every number above it makes a patient prone to heart disease automatically. For more information click on the link to watch ROC and AUC machine learning curves.

Step three - Residual Calculating

We perform residual calculating to get the difference between the observed and the predicted values. We cannot classify every patient in the training dataset as the one that surely has heart disease because two of these patients did not confirm any heart deviations. So, it is best to measure the initial prediction error with the help of getting the pseudo residual number. Let’s take every “yes” answer as 1 and every “no” answer as . Get the idea of why we’re doing this from the graph below:

Here, residual = (binary heart disease - probability) or residual = (yes/no answer - 0.67). We put the obtained results in our table’s new column.

After calculating the residual for each patient, we’ll obtain new values to work within our decision tree’s leaf of initial prediction.

Step four - Building a Decision Tree

To build a decision tree we will need to use the chest pain, pulse, and weight data to predict the tree leaves and residuals. Thus, it is necessary to investigate which column will best describe the obtained results. To do this, we are going to divide our training data into three subtables and build three smaller trees - three weaker models to merge into a strong one later.

1. Chest pain (binary dataset)

If the answer is “yes” then we will need to find the Residual Sum of Squares (RSS) and the average value of this positive answer.

To find the average of the “yes” answer, we should take all the patients, who answered positively, add these numbers and multiply by the quantity of the answers, which is 3. For instance,

Residual sum of Squares or RSS is the sum of the squares of residuals, which indicates errors predicted from actual values of the data set. Small RSS shows that the model perfectly fits the data. Here, average1 and RSS1 are the obtained results, which correspond to the condition of our training model, while average2 and RSS2 are the ones, which do not.

The formula above shows Уi as an element from the residual column. And Ӯ as the average number.

As there is also a “no” answer, we should take it into account and perform the same calculations with regards to the patients, who answered negatively: add the numbers and multiply by 3.

Based on the average value and RSS calculations, we will obtain the following tree leaves:

Here, we have two leaves with residuals but if we want to count the data error, we need to add RSS1 and RSS2 and the result will be the following:

2. Weight (categorical dataset)

To find out the error in the categorical data, it is necessary to divide (or categorize) the weight into such subsections as underweight (lower than normal), normal, and overweight (more than normal).

To find residuals and the RSS here, we are following the same steps we carried out before.

3. Pulse (numerical dataset)

To understand the differences and data errors in pulse, we will need to take several pulse indicators of patients. For example, 68, 70, 75, 88, 95, and 115 beats per minute. Pulse is a numerical value, where the condition is variable. So, we take our pulse values and classify them according to the order of growth. Then, we will need a graph to visualize the variables and the obtained residuals.

We take the first two values of pulse and calculate their average result. E.g. (68+70)/2=69. Then we show this result as a red line on the graph.

Afterward, we aim to try and find the residual average of the left and the right sides on the graph. As we have only one element on the left, our average is going to be the following:

As the average result is 0.33 we need to show it on our graph. E.g.

Further, our calculating shifts to the average of the right side of the graph. And it will be:

We’re showing this result on the graph too.

So, the final step is to calculate residuals. This can be done with the help of the following formulas.

We need to perform the same calculation with all the neighboring values of the pulse. Doing so, we obtain the following results:

Let’s also calculate the same average1/average2, RSS1/RSS2, and the overall RSS value as in the examples above.

After we obtained all the neighboring results it is necessary to select the best minimal option. This result has been achieved between the pulse range between 70 and 75. Based on this minimal number we can build the following tree:

On building a tree with the residuals, the smallest RSS was when we obtained the Weight= Under normal value. So, we take this value as the root of the tree.

Then, it is visually shown that we have only one value on the left leaf and five values on the right leaf. So, we need to carry out the same calculations for the right leaf and obtain a new tree.

After the calculations are done, we input the obtained data to the right leaf of the previous tree and get the following results:

As we have our data divided into the smallest groups (not more than 3 elements on one leaf) we can move to the next step.

Step 5 - Calculating the Output Value

To calculate the output value we will need to use the following formula:

This formula is the common transformation method, which allows calculating the output value for every leaf.

Inputting the already obtained values in the formula we will get the new tree with an output value.

Step Six - Probability Calculating Based on New Values

This step requires updating the Predictions section with the new data. So, we are combining the initial leaf with the new tree. And this new tree is scaled by a learning rate, which is 0.8 and it is meant only for illustrative purposes.

This calculation is the same we did before at the beginning of the article. However, the output we get is completely new. And again, after finding out the new probability, let’s find the new residual numbers.

Having the new residuals data it is possible to build a new tree.

The process of tree-building repeats until there is a maximum number of trees specified or the residuals become as small as possible.

To make the example simple, a grading boost has been configured to just two versions of trees. Here, there’s a need to classify a new person as someone who has heart disease or doesn’t have this condition. So, we are doing the same prediction, and calculating the potential probability.

Let’s input into the formula our learning rate, which equals 0.8, and log(odds), which is equal to 0.69. Doing so, we will obtain the following:

But to show you more in detail, imagine we have a new patient and want to calculate the probability of heart disease of this patient.

Let’s calculate our log(odds) predicted with the formula we have:

The result will be:

Using our probability formula we have mentioned in Step 2 we can get our next result.

So, based on the achieved results, our new patient can have heart disease with the probability of 0.95.

Summing Up


The current overview of gradient boosting classifier is shown on a training dataset, but that is the same way it can be used on the real datasets. For instance, if there is a real need to predict whether the patient has a probability of heart disease at present or in the future or not. Thus, now you have an idea of what a gradient boosting classifier is and how it works in classification and tree-building to get accurate predictions and results.

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