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POSTED BY: devamona on 02/08/2023 08:09:38

I know it is possible to buy an old game console. But I don't know if it will work well. I want something like Nintendo DS or PlayStation Portable. Anyway, something retro. What console is better to buy?

POSTED BY: christinabdnr on 02/08/2023 08:43:41

You can probably buy any old game console. I've seen a lot of for-sale offers. If I were buying a console, I would choose the Nintendo 64 because it was my first video game console. N64 Games is my favorite to this day. You can also buy the Nintendo Wii. It has motion controls and it can be a little more fun to play. I can't say anything about the PlayStation because I've never played it. You can buy games for all the consoles that are on sale.

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POSTED BY: seylen on 02/08/2023 11:12:58

My first console was a Playstation 4, so I don't know much about retro games or old consoles. Maybe you should start by choosing the games you want to play, and then choose which console you need.

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POSTED BY: Brazzi on 03/13/2023 18:51:23

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