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POSTED BY: Ghrast on 11/14/2022 11:08:01

How can I create an effective video surveillance system in my city and who can help with this in the United States?

POSTED BY: Hrute on 11/14/2022 14:58:59

As far as I know, you have to have a license for this kind of work in the United States. You better find a manufacturer who can make a UAV for you according to the requirements of the authorities in your country.

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POSTED BY: William75 on 11/14/2022 21:14:27

This is usually done by the police and city authorities, and I hope you are one of them. You can put video cameras and connect them into one network, or you can also monitor the area with UAVs.

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POSTED BY: Porkann on 11/15/2022 11:31:26

For the creation of urban video surveillance with the help of UAVs, I advise you to use drones that are controlled by the Menatir automated multifunctional system of Culver Aviation . This company develops and manufactures modern, multifunctional UAVs in the USA according to your requirements.

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POSTED BY: Pavel88 on 12/19/2022 14:01:06

Díky, nutno vyzkoušet! zajímavý článek!
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POSTED BY: Pavel88 on 12/19/2022 14:03:25

Díky, nutno vyzkoušet! zajímavý článek!
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