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POSTED BY: mamarika on 11/03/2022 14:14:36

Do you think there are gambling games where you have to pay in bitcoins? The thing is that most of my savings are stored in bitcoin wallets. I would like not to convert them into a cash equivalent and use bitcoin

POSTED BY: Angelina5373 on 11/03/2022 15:13:03

Of course, there are sites where you can play with your bitcoins. You don't have to go far, here's Roobet Casino is a popular site with bitcoin casinos. But the question is: why do you need it? Don't you need bitcoins and you want to give them to some casino? If you ask me the best way is to keep your bitcoins, because it's much more profitable. In a casino you can lose everything.

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POSTED BY: Nasikss on 11/03/2022 15:50:12

I do not know, for me, crypto casino ochenb big mistake. Bitcoin is really more profitable to store. In a couple of years it will be worth many times more

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