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POSTED BY: Porkann on 11/02/2022 21:56:38

I have one confidential question. I hope you can give some tips. Actually, I am interested in the ways to find a surrogate mother. Any reliable sources?

POSTED BY: Ghrast on 11/03/2022 07:17:20

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POSTED BY: William75 on 11/03/2022 08:18:25

I'm afraid that such people may be involved in the illegal surrogacy business. What about reproduction clinics? Don't they have that kind of information? I believe they should definitely have.

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POSTED BY: Hrute on 11/03/2022 08:52:23

I would like to agree with the previous comment. The most reliable source is legal and licensed reproduction clinics. Such medical institutions have their own verified surrogate mother database In addition, they constantly monitor such mothers to ensure that the embryos are gestated by a healthy and trustworthy woman.

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