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A BASIC Subscription plan
starts as low as: $3.00 a month. In addition to FREE access to
Clubs, Games, Chats, ClickyStore - you get:
  • Audio/Video Calling
  • Video Product Broadcasting
  • Audio & Video Broadcasting
  • Resume Video Broadcast
  • Sharing Whiteboard
  • ScreenShare; and
  • Collaborative Documents
Or, for the iClickySingle&Mingle Subscription for only $3.95 a month you can get all of the above included as well.

f you are a Subscriber, and INVITE others to join and subscribe to #Clicky - you will make $1.00 every month for EACH new Member that you REFER and who also Subscribes to Click 'n Connect Clubs!

We will issue you a personal Account ID for this purpose. For more information, you can email us at: Clicky@Clicky.Buzz

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iClicky - Do YOU?!
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Invite Others to JOIN Click 'n Connect Clubs and start making money!

If you are a paid Subscriber, you will make $1.00 EVERY MONTH FOR THE FULL DURATION that EACH new Member who YOU refer is subscribed to Click 'n Connect Clubs!

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