A master’s guide to building the ultimate team in Madden NFL 20
Posted On 08/13/2019 16:32:43 by freemexy

A master's guide to building the ultimate team in Madden NFL 20


Each year, madden nfl coins EA Tiburon makes a bunch of changes to Madden Ultimate Team. At its core, Ultimate Team continues to revolve around the pursuit of fielding the best team possible. The card-collecting mode has a dizzying amount of depth, though. This makes it sometimes hard to navigate, even if you are familiar with the mode from previous iterations.

With Madden 20 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, EA Tiburon has once again reworked the formula, which ultimately changes how you make progress. Our Madden 20 Ultimate Team guide gives you all the details you need to know about the complex but rewarding mode.

New to Madden 20, Missions is a dedicated blueprint to the Ultimate Team experience. We cannot stress enough how useful the Missions tab is for newcomers. When you first open up Ultimate Team, you'll be guided through a series of challenges: Welcome to Ultimate Team, MUT Superstars, NFL Epics, Theme Builders, Legends, Series Progression, and MUT Dedication.

Working through these challenges will organically show you the lay of the land in Ultimate Team. From learning how to complete sets to acquiring useful players and understanding MUT levels, Missions will walk you through the mode while you earn rewards.

You'll notice that Missions take a bit from everywhere, but namely Ultimate Challenges, the new moniker for Solo Challenges. If you spend several hours in Missions as an Ultimate Team beginner, you'll better understand how to build a successful team and navigate the various styles of play available in Ultimate Team.In the Team section, you can view your progress on Sets. Completing Sets unlocks high quality (90-plus overall) players such as Patrick Mahomes II and NFL legends like Jerry Rice and John Elway. You'll notice that some sets have daunting requirements, such as acquiring 70 or more cards.

Don't get too hung up on completing sets in the beginning, though. If you work your way through Missions, you'll get yourself in prime shape to start cashing in. You can add cards to sets by examining them individually. Keep in mind that once you add a card to a set, it's removed from your active lineup. This is why you shouldn't worry about sets from the jump.While Ultimate Team focuses on the hustle of racking up coins and earning cards through play, one of the most important aspects of the loop is upgrades. At the start, you may not have very many players who are even eligible for upgrades. Core Bronze, Core Silver, and some Core Elite/Gold cards cannot be upgraded at all. You can click on any card in your item binder to see if a player is upgrade eligible. If they are, here's what you need to


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