Ten things we learned playing Volta in FIFA 20
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Ten things we learned playing Volta in FIFA 20

When the new game mode was announced for the upcoming release, fans were excited to see what was viewed by many as the return of FIFA Street
As Goal learned by attending an exclusive preview event in Berlin and getting hands-on with Volta, there is more to the new mode than a simple reboot of the popular Street series. These are the ten things we learned from playing Volta in cheap fifa 20 coins...
Volta has been compared to EA Sports' classic series FIFA Street, which featured exaggerated gameplay and player models and became a cult classic.
Despite featuring smaller teams, Volta has more in common with the full 11-a-side game than any of the games in the Street series.
EA Sports attribute this to wanting Volta to act as a stepping stone to the traditional game, allowing players to take the skills they've learned on the courts into stadiums - mirroring the real-life paths of many footballers.
The biggest difference between FIFA Street and Volta is that in the latter skills don't win you games, or give you any advantage aside from helping you beat your marker.
While they're useful to beat an opponent, the result is decided on who scores the most goals. EA Sports made this decision after talking to legendary street footballers who admitted that while showboating is fun, all each team wants to do is to score more than their opponent.

Kick-off mode is similar to the kick-off mode found in the main game, with the option to pick from a myriad of street football match-types before you choose one of many club and national teams to represent and face off against.
The Story and Volta World modes begin with players creating their own street footballer (male or female).
From there, the Story mode takes players on a narrative-driven guide to the world of street football, presented in a similar way to the Journey. The Story mode is optional and players can just jump right into Volta World if they want to get right into the action.
Volta World is an offline mode, where players traverse a global map, taking on other teams with different challenges and rewards.
Teams faced in Volta World are all player-generated, just as they are in Squad Battles in FIFA Ultimate Team, meaning that every match you play is against a team created by another FIFA fan elsewhere in the World.
There's also player-vs-player League and World Tour modes, giving players the chance to skip the story and to face off against other players online.Want to buy mut 19 coins from


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