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Psyonix has been packing Rocket Alliance with alarming content, from new arenas and modes to abundant amalgamation vehicles, including this week’s Jurassic Apple Jeep pack. But now it’s accepting serious, with a new affairs that will accompany even added chargeless and exceptional agreeable to the table.

The developer of the hit bold has arise the Rocket Canyon affairs which will be advancing afterwards this year. While that sounds like a Division Pass, there’s added to the affairs than that.“Rocket Canyon is a cast new, time-limited progression arrangement that will accord you several agency to acquire new agreeable in Rocket League. Our ambition is to activity several Rocket Passes every year, with an accent on new, altered agreeable for ceremony Pass. This will not alter the accepted XP-based progression arrangement and we’ll acquire added ceremony on those XP affairs and changes afterwards this week,” the aggregation noted.

Two versions of the Rocket Canyon will be accessible already the affairs launches afterwards this summer, in the anatomy of Chargeless and Premium.“The Chargeless Rocket Canyon will acquire Rewards that alleviate automatically, giving anybody the befalling to acquire FREE new Customization Items, Amateur Banners, in-game Titles and Decryptors,” the aggregation noted.“If you’re analytic for added agreeable to unlock, you can acquire to acquirement the Exceptional Rocket Canyon advancement for ten Keys (USD $9.99 or bounded equivalent). This comes with even added content, including new Customization Items, new Car Bodies, Keys, Exceptional Amateur Banners and Exceptional Titles. You’ll aswell alleviate ‘XP Boosts’ that accrue your becoming XP throughout the continuance of your Rocket Pass, as able-bodied as ‘XP Awards’ that can advice you avant-garde through Rocket Canyon added quickly.”

The Rocket Canyon and Exceptional advancement will be accessible to anybody aloft all platforms and the items can be traded with added players if something doesn’t clothing your taste.Pro Tiers will aswell be introduced. “Once you've apart all of the accessible Tiers in your Pass, you can actuate earning ‘Pro Tiers’ if you've purchased the Exceptional upgrade. Ceremony Pro Bank rewards you with a accidental Corrective and/or Certified adaptation of a Exceptional Rocket Canyon ceremony you've already unlocked. Even better, you will not see any alike rewards from Pro Tiers until you've completed the abounding set of ceremony Paint Blush and Acceptance for the accepted Pass.”A FAQ can be actuate appropriate here, answering any apropos by fans. But this looks to be a abundant way to accord admirers what they ambition whether they feel like paying something or not.

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