Different surgery of lifting and augmentation of your breasts!
Posted On 06/04/2019 05:27:48 by Kanehoward

When it comes to lifting breast there are a number of incisions that are used by surgeons. The incision used normally depends on a patient’s goals, breast tissue and skin that will be removed.  For this reason there are a number of ways that you can Breast Lift Surgery In Houston. You surgeon will provide you with the most suitable one for your breast. Here are different types of Breast Augmentation Before And After that are at your disposal. You may have heard about them.


Peri-areolar lift

The process of Breast Augmentation Before After is commonly known as the donut lift and it is mainly used to correct sagging that is mild. This type of lift is done by circular incision that is run on the areola. It goes together with augmentation. Women who would like to reduce the size of Breast Reduction Houston of their areola can go for this donut lift. You will get tremendous results. Your surgeon dealing in Breast Augmentation Houston will let you know if your breasts require this type of lift.

Crescent lift

This Breast Lift Surgery Before And After is meant for women with small sagging amount. The incision is run halfway on the areolas edge. Only a small amount of breast tissue will be removed to give you the size you desire. This Breast Lift Surgery Houston cannot be done unless there is breast augmentation taking place. This type of lift is rarely used. This is because there are few women with such breasts.

Inverted T lift

This is the best Breast Lift Surgery Houston TX for you in case you have a lot of sagging. The surgeon will be able to remove the sagging tissues. Here there are 3 incisions used. The first one is on the edge of your areola, the other one on the inflamammary fold and the last one is done from bottom of your areola to the crease. The incisions can only be done by an experienced surgeon.

Vertical lift

This is also known as the lollipop. It is used to correct that are moderately sagged. Surgeons use it on a regular basis to get rid of excess skin as well as reshape the patient’s breast. It usually involves two incisions. One is done from the bottom of areola to inflamammary fold and the other one is around the areolas edge.

These are the main types of lifts that you can choose to have. However, since most people do not know the suitable one for their problem. It is good to get advice from your surgeon. This is because the surgeon is experienced and knows the type that is suitable for your breast. You will walk out of surgery feeling confident and gorgeous. If you want to have your breast lifted, then make sure that you go for an experienced surgeon. This is to avoid having complications once the procedure has been done. Do not let someone push you into doing something you do not want. The surgery will be worth it if you go for what you want other than what people want of you.

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