Urwerk Replica UR-210Y watch
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Urwerk Replica UR-210Y watch

Brand: Urwerk
Type: Urwerk 210 watches
Model: UR-210Y
Movement: self-winding
Case material: Steel + Titanium + Ceramics
Case size: 43.8 x 53.6 x 17.8 mm
Gender: Men
Dial Color: Black
Glass: Sapphire
Clasp Type: classic
Bracelet: fabric
Glass: Sapphire
Quality: Japanese AAA
Water resistance: Water Resistant
Functions: Hours, minutes, power reserve indicator full mode, power reserve indicator.

jacob and co astronomia replica When purchasing the watch, first check whether the watch body mirror is worn or scratched. When purchasing the mechanical watch, shake the watch when the watch pin is stationary, let the watch move. If the watch pin stops for six or seven seconds, the machine is stopped. The core has high sensitivity, and the upper spring can be finished. Adjust the hour and minute hands to 3, 6, 9, and 12 positions to see if the hands are at right angles and verticals. When the clockwork is sounded, there is no abnormal sound. The sound is smooth and normal from the beginning to the end. If the noise with the dot "Kaka" "Chichi" is abnormal, check the bottom cover of the watch, the place of origin will be indicated. The waterproof, shockproof and anti-magnetic performance of the watch (a little bit on the standard, generally only waterproof), the material of the watch (all steel or other, gemstone anti-wear mirror), the serial number of the watch, the model, the movement of the organic core number (full surface The bottom cover can be seen) and so on!

For mechanical watches, the most important source of power is the force of the movement, which drives the pointer. The movement structure is further divided into a power system spring, a transmission system gear, an escapement switch system, and a governor balance and a balance spring. It is a sheet of steel strip. After tightening, the elastic force is gradually released to generate power. According to the principle of lever torque in physics: when the spring is full, his elasticity is the largest (the torque lever is the longest). After a period of time, the spring is slowly loosened and its elastic force is also reduced. When the power is exhausted, it is necessary to wind up the energy.

It has the functions of transmitting power, decelerating, increasing speed, changing direction and reversing. There are several gears in the movement. The multiple gears form the gear train. The gear train acts to transmit the kinetic energy between the various components of the movement. The hourly indication of the movement, the minute indication, the second indication and the calendar are displayed in real time. Display, week display and other functions. Most of the watch gears are arc-shaped. When a man reaches a certain age, it can be said that electronic products are just needed. Whether it is a car or a watch, it is something that many people hope to get. With the convenient channels of online shopping, we can buy watches of various brands online, however, Different brands, the difference between the tables is also very big, how should we choose? The first step is to determine your own price range. Don't think that the world brand is necessarily outrageous.

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