inadequacies of the Quad Frostbolt Totem Hierophant
Posted On 03/09/2018 01:01:21 by xiaoli523

Youtuber LiftingNerdBro's take on the Frostbolt Totem Hierophant is an excellent build if you're brand new to Path of Exile. Because it relies largely on spells that scale with your level,If you have a lot of poe currency, you'll have a lot of chances , you don't need to worry about min-maxing your gearin fact you can play fairly deep into endgame without any of the suggest unique items.


Totem builds aren't for everyone, as they're a very passive offensive style that relies on placing totems that cast spells for you while you focus on moving around and dodging any deadly attacks. That said, if you love the idea of being the final boss in a bullet hell arcade shooter, this build rocks because your totems cover the field in bolts of frost that rip through enemies easily. The constant application of wide area-of-effect damage means you can hastily rip through maps, so new players can focus more on the basics of movement and positioning. As I mentioned, it's also a great build in that you can easily play it using only the rare items you find on your own. While Path of Exile's unique trade economy is a blast to mess around with, this build gives you an opportunity to explore it at your own pace.


There is a drawback, however. As LiftingNerdBro explains, this is not the build you want to use if you intend to farm bosses. If you're new or a casual player, Don't waste poe orbs this, but the lack of decent single-target damage will draw out boss encounters and make them a bit of a slog. During the leveling process, this won't matter, but this build is better off for general map clearing and farming instead.

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