The majority of new game features available within FIFA 23
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HyperMotion and realistic physical physics don't work FUT 23 Coins. There's a lot of sliding and unnatural motions that hinder what could be real-world outcomes. Sliders such as OS' Community Sliders help to slow the game and make the game more sim, but they're only capable of doing the job when it comes to physics.


The majority of new game features available within FIFA 23 all stem from one factor, HyperMotion 2. HyperMotion forms the basis the game is built on but it's not meant to be confused with the engine of the game. Through 11-on-11 motion recording using Xsens outfits, EA was able to make realistic animations, and then integrate the results into a system that uses Machine Learning, which is designed create animations on as-you-go and create "true-to-life" replicas. With regards to FIFA 23, here's what's new with HyperMotion 2 and what it can do to compete.


The fancy name aside, this new jockeying technique has allowed defenders to defend more realistically in terms of winning, however it has the disadvantage that it compromises a little of authenticity as players can move their hips to mimic the movements of Shakira. Jockeying in its current version is now tied to the trait of Defensive Awareness with ratings that correspond to:


One of the most significant improvements to FIFA 23 comes via the new Accelerate feature. A lot of the sluggish performance that some are complaining about are due to ratings and a lack of understanding of this feature. For reference, here's an screenshot from an earlier EA blog that details the three different player archetypes:


These archetypes of players are entirely dependent on ratings, which is why it's important to understand who your team members are and the way they will perform and feel when you take these factors into the equation buy FIFA 23 Coins. For an overview, here's a fantastic Twitter thread that details the process and the effect it has on players.

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