Stages Of Writing An Article
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The first thing to start with is to choose a topic. This may be a working draft version. It is better to agree on the title of the article with the supervisor. You can also get valuable instructions for further actions from him. At the preparatory stage, literature is selected. It's important to pay attention to fresh, relevant content from the past three years. It is desirable to focus on international publications Scopus, WoS. Be sure to use Internet sources. You always need a plan. It will help you navigate and not write too much. At the second, main stage, all thoughts and developments are grouped into a coherent text. This stage will pass the faster, the better the preparation is. If at any point you feel like you're having too much trouble, write my papers offers writing services for students. The third stage is design, proofreading, compilation of a list of literature. The article is checked for errors, uniqueness, compliance with the criteria of specific journals to which applications will be submitted.


Structure of student research articles


The structural elements of all publications are similar:

  1. Introductory part. Immersion in problems, clarification of relevance, novelty, acuteness, significance. Formulation of tasks and goals. A brief analysis of developments on this topic. Justification of the choice of this particular direction.
  2. Main part. The so-called body of the article is the basis of the research. It uses methods of analysis, study, comparison. The author expresses his thoughts and groups them with theory. Here sources are directly worked out, goals are realized, results are achieved.
  3. Final part. The culmination of the student's achievements are conclusions, practical recommendations, results, results obtained, and confirmed hypotheses. This part summarizes, summarizes
  4. List of sources. It is important to indicate only the literature to which there are references in the body of the article and vice versa, you cannot refer to the sources and ignore them at the end.


Scientific articles must be relevant - this is an axiom. Acceptable minimum 85% better - higher. For these and other editing issues can solve everything with their editing staff. Over-saturation with quotes and footnotes is not encouraged.


Where should the student publish his work?


This is a rather difficult aspect faced by inexperienced, unfamiliar authors. There are a lot of mediocre sites, but more or less serious publications conduct a strict selection. The first and foremost rule is that a journal must have a scientific status. Otherwise, publishing in other press, personal blogs, etc., you simply lose the originality of the work and do not receive any bonuses. You can and should check the category of magazines on the official website. Additionally, check papers for sale on to ensure that you don't miss this convenient option. Participation in conferences with further placement of material in conference proceedings is very convenient as well. It is difficult for inexperienced students to find sites for placement. One way to get through is to find a more experienced and reputable collaborator. Such collaborations greatly increase the chances of success and simplify the task.


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