Personal Philosophy of Nursing
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According to the American Nurses Association (ANA), nursing is defined as the protection, promotion, and general ability to prevent and treat illnesses in a bid to facilitate healing of an individuals enhancing the quality of his life. The act is done through the diagnosis, treatment, and advocacy in the care of a given population. This paper shared by, therefore, seeks to present my personal nursing philosophy within my nursing career. I believe that nursing in nature is a concept that has been deeply rooted in commitment towards the provision of adequate and equitable medical products and services to all those in need without any form of prejudice.

In short, nursing is a practice that seeks to personalize its service provision in a bid to offer quality patient care, thereby meeting their medical needs and demands. Using my personal philosophy of nursing, I strive to ensure that patients within the medical institution are valued and their dignity is respected mainly through the combination and provision of medical knowledge and compassionate medical care. This is mainly because I believe that nursing care should be able to maintain a holistic approach at the same time respecting the values of patients. Therefore, it is important to understand that inter-professional relationship and collaborative efforts are the key aspects of nursing in relation to healthcare professionals that seek to promote quality patient care. In this particular personal philosophy theory, I aim at addressing the fundamental concepts of my theory through the four met-paradigms of nursing.

Personal Philosophy of Nursing

I believe that by exploring my personal values and principles, I will be able to achieve my personal goals and objectives within the nursing practice.

My philosophy implies that the nursing practice exists and bears the responsibility to the public to provide adequate and efficient patient-centered care that is safe and holistic. That is, nurses should be able to use their clinical judgment to meet the medical needs and demands of patients. Medical practitioners within the nursing practice should be able to empower patients by encouraging them to become active partners in safeguarding their care as well as engaging in the mutual goal-setting of their health. Further, nurses should be able to maintain patients’ confidentiality unless mandated by the law to do otherwise. For nurses, it is important to educate patients and their families on the diseases, treatment, and health care behaviors in a bid to improve their medical outcome.

Nursing Process

Importantly, it should be understood that the central core of any nursing practice is to foster a holistic delivery of patient-focused care. This is mainly achieved through five key processes of nursing. These processes include assessment where nurses are required to take into account the physical and emotional suffering of a patient before administering any form of medication. With the constant evolution within the nursing practice, I will provide care that is ideally centered upon the patient’s needs and wishes. This is mainly through ensuring that patients are totally comfortable during the medical assessment. The second process is known as diagnosis; at this stage, the medical practitioner is expected to identify and make adequate judgment on the patient’s actual response to the prescribed medication. During this process, I would develop a collaborative relationship with my patients in a bid to ensure that all their medical needs and demands are met. This is mainly because I believe that it is important for them to be informed and active in their care. Outcome/planning are the third form of nursing process. Here, nurses are expected to identify and set both short and long-term goals that would encourage professional services as well as provide accessible medical care to patients. In ensuring the effective interaction in this particular process, I will focus on building a trusting and caring relationship with patients in a bid to make them feel valued. Implementation is the stage in nursing process. It involves the documentation of a patient’s medical history. This is done to ensure the continued provision of health care to patients. Here, I will use my moral and ethical responsibility carter for the personal needs of my patients to achieve a positive outcome. Evaluation is the last nursing process. It presupposes that the medical status of patients and the nursing care should be constantly assessed to help determine the key methods to foster improved health care delivery that adequately meet the patient’s needs and demands. As such, I would incorporate the use of an open communication system to build a collaborative relationship with both my patients and other healthcare professionals. Through this, I will be able to ensure consistent, continuous, and reliable care to my patients.

To achieve this, I will focus on the four meta-paradigm concepts of nursing which include person, environment, heath, and nursing components.

Person Component

Focusing on the holistic patient-centered care, my personal philosophy would be able to establish and provide a caring and compassionate patient-nurse relationship. This particular practice openly allows nurses to connect with patients rationally that enhances their understanding of the patient’s universal values. Through this practice, it is possible to separate physical care from the nursing care. Holism involves studying and the development of a detailed analysis of interrelationships in relation to the bio-psycho-social-spiritual dimensions of the person. This is done in a bid to demonstrate that the concept of humanity is necessary in ensuring equity within the society. This basically means that a patient’s emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical wellbeing is mainly dependent on the concept of holistic nursing. Therefore, as a nurse, I believe that it is my goal to make sure that my patients are physically, mentally, and emotionally comfortable. My key mission is to provide an adequate health care that is ideally centered upon the needs and demands of patients as I deem it critical to develop a mutual relationship with patients. As a result, I would like my personal nursing practice private nursing to revolve around building a trusting and caring relationship with patients.

Environmental Component

As a medical practitioner, I feel the great responsibility and urge to provide medical products and services to individuals within and outside the medical institution where I work. Importantly, it should be noted that the key purpose of the nursing practice is to safeguard the general health of individuals within the society. By overlooking the professional outlook of the nursing practice and focusing on the commitment to public service, I hold the belief that nurses are obligated by their code of ethics to promote healthcare in the community and the world as a whole. Therefore, it will be unethical to ignore the health care needs of a medical institution's external publics and focus only on their internal audiences. I, thus, feel it is a part of my duty and responsibility to promote health care equity within my community in a bid to help support areas with limited healthcare service access. Because of this, my key desire is to make periodically medical trips to the countryside with the limited healthcare assess. In doing this, I would be able to promote health awareness, wellness, and education, thus enhancing the public’s participation in their general wellness.

Nursing Component

The concept of nursing is concerned not only with the welfare and the patient’s general relationship, but also focuses on the relationship with other healthcare stakeholders and professionals as this would help improve the delivery of healthcare products and services. With the evolution of healthcare delivery, interdisciplinary teamwork has become a prominent aspect of patient care. Because of this, I passionately strive to establish an open, independent, honest, transparent, and efficient relationship with healthcare professionals and stakeholders in catering for the medical needs and demands of patients. Because of this, I feel that the inter-professional health care relationships are an idea in promoting effective care and positive patient outcomes. That is mainly through its ability to improve results and retention of medical staff within the nursing practice.

Health Component

The general attitude and personality within a hospital's cultural organization are able to significantly influence the mode of patient care delivery. Therefore, in a bid to ensure the general well-being of patients within the medical institution, my ideal work culture will include inter-professional collaboration, open communication, and positive attitudes. It is because teamwork is an integral component of the nursing practice. This, as a result, helps to encourage participation and sense of positivity within the healthcare institution. It is, therefore, in my philosophy to establish a positive working culture that will enhance the patient’s moral and general wellbeing. As a result, this will foster the positive and better patient outcomes within the medical institution.


Throughout this essay, I have explored my personal understanding of what the nursing practice is and ought to be. I have also demonstrated that although my philosophy and vision within the nursing practice focuses on empowering patients and giving them a sense of belonging within the medical field through the concept of an open communication system, it is marred with some weakness. For example, while the personalization and communication within the healthcare sector seek to bridge the gap between medical practitioners and patients to provide equitable services, it aims at establishing a mutually biased relationship between physicians and patients. It interferes with the objectivity of medical services within the institution as it provides the medical practitioners with an opportunity to develop an intimate relationship with their patients, thus hindering the efficient delivery of healthcare products and services. The skills I have in the nursing practices I will always incorporate in my tasks that will benefit my career and those I serve. This aspect plays a major role in the building of a nursing professional in a society. It portrays how nurses can incorporate various philosophies to prove their ethics in their career. The society also at one point appreciates such a commitment from any other worker in my field. It also makes me a role model to my colleagues.


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