The major benefits and features that are part of the corporate commute solution
Posted On 08/17/2020 09:11:13 by jackricher478

Spending hours in transport can come in the way of hindering the productivity offered by the work offered by the employees. In the regular means of commuting, the employees witnessed many problems, such as traffic issues, lack of proper transportation modes, weather-related delays, and so on. It is one of the main reasons that led to many corporates offering transportation services for their employees. With the employee transport management system, this could be managed even more effectively as the app’s best route is provided.

Why should corporates use employee transport management solution?

It would be time-consuming and requires significant planning by companies to plan the transportation methodology, which is well-suited for all its employees. Corporate taxi software offers route optimization, schedule creation, security, and many more. With everything included in the same app, it eliminates the burden faced by the employees.

Productivity: Employees can reach organizations in time. The innovative system use technologies like IoT and AI and predict the shortest possible route after considering factors like traffic congestion, roadblocks, etc., for both pickup and drop off. Works couldn’t be affected as they would reach the company on time.

Talent Expansion: Companies can hire the best talent across the city. As reaching the workplace would be a cakewalk with the corporate taxi software.

Effective monitoring: With the admin module, employees can know the current status of all the vehicles and the location there are present. The seating plans to ensure the vehicles are upto full capacity can be monitored through the comprehensive dashboard.

Features of employee transport management system

  • Route Navigation: The route module is powered by GPS services, and it is part of both employee app and drivers apps. Drivers can use it to navigate while users can stay updated on the route.
  • Notification alerts: Employees are notified about the pickup and dropoff details and other related information related to their ride via push notifications.
  • Ad-hoc requests: Employees can request for last-minute requests through this panel. Then the ride is scheduled for the riders accordingly.
  • CheckinIt is security features that are part of employee transport management solution. It like attendance where riders need to type in the employee Id.
  • Trip details: The details such as vehicle number, pickup & dropoff locations are sent to the concerned employees in advance so that they can plan their ride.
  • SOS button: In case of emergency, employees can click the SOS button, immediately the company would receive an alert.


Corporate commute solutions are one of the effective solutions which provide hassle-free transportation, end-to-end monitoring, security, etc.. It is a complete package for all transportation and safety needs. So incorporate the employee transport management system for your company and reap from its benefits.


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