The Best Writing Apps For Freelance Writers- A Complete Guide
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Sometimes you find that your writing is just awesome, and some changes are needed to get it done correctly. There are some factors that are learned through experiences, but on the other hand, there are some best writing apps for freelance writers that help you write creative and productive content for customers. So, you might think how someone improves their writing skills that helps you make thousands of dollars per blogThere are many websites that provide information about being a better author, including the reasons for using the latest technology that help you become the best freelance writer. Nowadays, there are various writing apps available that can easily enhance your writing methods, and it doesn’t matter what kind of writing you’re doing.With the help of the best writing apps, you can organize your content, enhance your writing skills, become more productive. If you want to know the application for creative writing, check the list below and select as per your requirement.

Writing Apps to Increase the Productivity of the Content

Being a freelance writer, one needs to optimize their time to use their maximum time. You can easily earn more money by writing high quality content faster. A time management program can be developed for your work, and this can be done with the help of writing apps. We’ve listed some productive apps that help freelance writers.

Calmly Writer:

Writing the best content according to your abilities can be challenging when you distract something and have your children, your pets and other elements. Then one can easily use the Calmly Writer app, a writing app written by Chrome, which can prevent some irrelevant distractions, by which you can focus on your writing. Traditional word processing distractions can be overcome through this app. It is similar to the experience of writing on a white paper.It has a focus mode, which shows only single paragraphs that you are currently being edited by. This can help you not get distracted by jumping around written paragraphs. Using this app, you can edit your content in a fast way as it provides a variety of keyboard shortcuts. If you are wont to write content on black screen with white text, this app helps you to do so. If you like type-writer sound, you can turn on this app and enjoy the sound.


This is another best writing app for the author that can be easily distracted. When you’re focused on your writing, this app lures all annoying notifications, pop-ups, and Google search bars. It also has the ability to add some simple formatting functions such as italic, bold, and URL. Keyboard shortcuts lets you add quotes to your writing.


There are many invoices and time tracking apps, but of these, Toggle is the easiest writing app that can track time and help you manage all your writing projects. Tracking projects can be handled in detail without leaving the platform you are working on. Toggle is not only the best writing app, but it also has a convenient time tracking capability. One can invoice their client directly using this platform it helps deal with both non-billable and billable hours that are spent on a particular project and observe how much time is being spent on projects and tasks.

Writing Apps for Creative Writings

Writing is like a muscle that requires flexibility and exercise as other skills. To be an ideal writer, one needs to challenge their writing skills and make sure that something is writing correctly, such as the sound and tone of grammar, spelling and writing. There are some applications that help you investigate these writing mistakes and creatively enhance creative processes.


This is the most famous writing app that is available in the market. There are many freelance writers who use these apps on their computers, even on smartphones. The keyboard of this application allows you to correct the spelling, grammar and punctuation of anything you are typing on your computer or smartphone. This can be considered the best writing app as it is helpful to write emails on the device to ignore any silly errors. If you find that you make silly mistakes, Grammar might be one of the best writing apps to fix your problems.


These are fun writing apps that help you write creative content. Being a writer, your thoughts need to be minded in a creative way to enhance your writing skills. This application is helpful in providing writing hints. You can define the writing time between 5 and one hour from anywhere. There’s a mode called Hardcore that can blur writing so that no one needs to be worried about fixing spelling mistakes, and they can also focus on their writing.


This app is helpful for authors who write long documents like manuscripts or eBooks. If you have a new idea about a topic, you can simply go to this app and write it down and come back later to organize the data, then paste it to the appropriate location. There is no need to copy and paste the content, but you can drag and drop the data in the section where you want to move it. This app supports all devices and writes content whenever and wherever you want. You can also write data in one place on your document and manage images, research data and videos.

Writing Apps for Managing the Data

To get success in freelance writing, organizing quality is the most demandable quality. There are some of the best writing apps that help you to remain on track and notes where one requires for easy access. 


It is the easiest to use writing application that can manage different projects. This app is equipped with cards that can be managed by drag and drop method. Manage projects using categories like production, awaited payments, pitches, completed and much more. A picture can connect documents, and add deadlines for projects. Can share your Trello board with a calendar; Therefore, you don’t have to worry about missing any time limit.


Sometimes you find that you have some great ideas in your mind when you reach your computer. This is the best writing app that helps manage all ideas and ideas in a central place that can be accessed from any device. By storing images, keeping quick notes down and storing articles, this app helps you organize data whenever there’s an motivation strike in your mind.


This blog has provided all the relevant information on the best writing apps for freelance writers, which include the different apps to increase the productivity of the content, creative writing, and managing the content. Being the best freelance website, we have analyzed all these apps, that is why we have suggested these apps to you. With the help of these apps, one can easily manage and write their content in an effective way. 

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Freelance writers are very technical. Technical in sense that they have to take care of many points in writing a post, article or something else as I can check college reviewsto find out unique work. This is a very nice article in which writers are awarded with the apps which can help them. Grammarly is the best app I think.

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