Figuring Out The Best Jobs For Freelance Writers- A Complete Guide
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Do you want to be a freelance writer? If yes, you can be aware of various freelance writing jobs like copywriter, graphic designer, online writer, editor or social media marketer. Due to the availability of different writing jobs, you may be confused about which might be the best job for you. You may know that when you start your freelance writing career, you make many mistakes that make you lose your job too. Therefore, this blog will help you to know the best freelance writer jobs so that you can make money easily and without facing any kind of difficulty.

The Best Job Boards for each Freelance Writer

There are many job boards that offer different freelance writer jobs; We have listed some real job boards that provide content writing work for professional and non-professional individuals. Check out some of them:


This is another website that offers different freelance writing jobs. Here you can select any of the specialized fields and start working accordingly. This website has provided earning methods with ease like you just need to sign up for free. Add your skills, start answering as per your expertise field, and finally get paid.  


It is one of the renowned freelance writing job boards that offers various entry-levels for beginners as well as experienced writers. There is a demerit of using such a free job board that another writer also knows about this platform. This will increase competition among freelance writers. But that does not mean that you cannot get good job opportunities here. The only thing you need to do when using this kind of job site is a robust pitch process. Always try to visit this website three times a day so you’re the first person to respond to customers.

Writer’s Work: 

This is the most usable website by freelance author because it has various modern user platforms that make it easy to see different freelance writer jobs. This website also has educational training videos that can enhance your writing skills. The author’s work has a project management tool where anyone can:

  • Track their writing results, such as the time it takes to type words.
  • Set their daily, weekly or monthly goals.
  • Write their documents and edit them by using their grammar editing tools.

One can easily create a strong profile and use their links to share their marketing strategies and pitches with others. If you don’t have an author site, this could be a good option. This website is budget-friendly, as it’s worth around $15/month. Available with a one-time fee of months or 47 dollars. This can be a great tool for the new freelance writer.


This is another freelance writer job board that offers a quick method of landing on various educational training materials, alerts and coaching as well as writing work so you can’t miss any freelance writing job. It also uses website rating methods that show your ratings across multiple industries. It also helps the new freelance writer to know which niche has got the best rating sebybys sings the place they can to get good money.

Freelance writing: 

It provides you with various resources such as writing gigs, such as, in fact, Craigslist, and more. Anyone can use it for the first freelance writing job, but remember to check this website regularly for the job of any freelance writer, which you find interesting.

To Whom a New Freelance Writer Contact

There are several types of businesses that need a writer, let’s check some of them:


It can do wonders for your open writing career. One can easily start their freelance writer’s jobs with content like health, sports and others. There may be low income initially, but with a strong portfolio setting and your work experiences you can reach to a great extent. When you start working with any startup, remember that they’re working on a limited budget for content marketing. But they can help build your strong portfolio. So, they may be the right choice for you.


They are unlike startup businesses because they are big jigs in the online as well as offline marketing world such as Pumpers, Walmart, and much more. The brand can be a newcomer growing day by day and becoming famous. They adopt different strategies for content marketing and pay freelance writers according to their own. Choosing a big brand can be challenging, but it can be your goal for your work.

Small Businesses:

They can be your ideal customers because there are no limits to freelance jobs. But, the rates of content marketing may vary according to your niche and according to their businesses. The cost of your writing becomes higher according to the caliber of writing, which specifically requires writing style and long-term industries.


Finally, customers contacted for your freelance writer’s jobs in magazines. There are many magazines that can pay you $1 per term, and it may be more, but it may take some time to pay. With small businesses, you can be paid after each project within weeks or months. The magazine requires quotes using MLA, APA or Chicago styles. Therefore, it is essential that one should have knowledge of these writing styles. Here, we’ve listed some contact individuals to get the freelance writer’s job:

  • Content Manager.
  • Blog Manager.
  • Editor.
  • Owner.

For most of the projects, the owner or content manager can be your contact people. 

The Project Scope for the Freelance Writer Jobs

Blog Writing:

As everyone knows that almost all businesses need a blog because the initial stage of this leading generation strategy is the blog. They can use social media platforms to attract the attention of leaders, and this is the writing that can turn leads into clients. Since they don’t have enough time to manage all of this, they can see freelance writers to get great content work for blogs.

White Papers:

This is a formal format of writing compared to blogging. They are used as a magnet to increase your business’s email list. There are a variety of white papers that are business-related and technical, being a freelance writer, you can easily manage technical papers with some natural writing methods. White papers are longer than a blog but less than a book. It can be 10-15 pages. It depends on the length and kind information on a white paper.


As the name suggests your name won’t appear on the content that is generated for customers. The client needs to write in the same voice that the client can get credit for the same. Therefore, Ghost Writers is heavily compensated for this and being a ghost writer; You can’t tell anyone about your content writing. That’s why actors, writers, influencers, and many people hire these Ghost Writers for their emails, eBooks or other content work.


This is another service you can provide as a freelance writer because you can help a businessperson move from one point to another. Viewers about someone’s words 0 “Sell0 Someone who needs to be writing about. The copywriter is used for landing page copy, sales page and other promotional products. With the principles of copywriting, effective copying and storytelling, any newcomer can easily select high-paying writing gigs for freelance writers.There are many other writing profiles for which you can work, such as email authors, article authors and more.

Bonus points: Requirements for a Freelance Writing Job


Remember, when an employee asks you about your resume, chances are he might be confused about your skills. Therefore, you politely tell them about your portfolio page and the author’s website or LinkedIn profile. It’s also okay to provide resumes, and there’s no shame for it, but keep in mind why you’ve decided to do a freelance writer jobs.

Cover letter:

There are various writing functions that ask you for a cover letter. Remember, you’re not the only one who’s doing it, but if it’s necessary to provide, you can move on. The cover letter is somehow like the pitch; So, it can be easy to write because you’ve already sent your pitch via email.

Writing Samples:

Almost all freelance writers jobs can ask you for a sample of writing because they can help businesses decide whether your writing skills are to an extent. It also helps you show how you can connect your readers to your writing. So write something that’s interesting to you so you can show off your writing skills.


Your portfolio is a page used to show your writing samples. It helps you connect customers who pay for your potential customers. On your portfolio, customers not only see your samples. But you can also click on your writing website to know better. So that they can decide whether they will give you a job or not.


Being the best freelance website, we have listed different freelance writer jobs along with a different website that helps you to get freelance writing jobs. You can work as a different freelance writer profile such as blog writer, ghostwriter. And much more and start your freelance writing career by collaborating with the different business’ persons and startups. This can be easy for you if you have good writing skills along with the knowledge of different writing styles, like MLA, APA, or Chicago. But, it is necessary for you to know your niche so that you can provide your writing services with ease. If you struggle with any of the writing styles. Then it might be difficult to deliver quality content to your clients. Therefore, work on your skills and get paid accordingly.

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