The Best International Schools in China
Posted On 12/03/2019 20:33:07 by freemexy

In distant past of our history, civilizations were limited and restricted to the places they belong to. The limitations existed on multiple levels. Our ways of learning, earning, working and developing, each had a centripetal outlook towards our native habitats only. Until not-so-distant past, an unambiguous sense of feeling prevailed amongst us that Geography is our Destiny. But pretty sooner, we rightly realised that humanity is destined to achieve much greater heights and if our efforts are channelled in right directions, then even Sky is Not the Limit. Geography can be possessive, it can be decisive but it can never be schools in china

The initial strike on the shackles of native-limitations surfaced with the advent of globalisation and liberalisation in 20th Century. At first, the establishment of bilateral trade relationships happened across the countries then started the cultural and educational transfusion amongst them. Today, we are living in a highly interdependent world. In a world where isolation is not even an option. In our world, this mutual interdependence is symbiotic in nature. It is for the benefits of humanity at large. Irrespective of what kind of culture, development or resources Mother Nature has blessed us with; we have learnt the art of sharing and caring. Now, it can very rightly be said that though the countries are divided by geography but they are equally united by the spirit of togetherness. Education has been the principle guiding light, proliferating the spirit of togetherness.

Much to the tune of educational proliferation across the geographical boundaries, the need and demand of a Global Educational Framework has grown leaps and bounds since the outset of 21st Century. The concept of International Schools acted as a revolution satisfying these demands. The prolific impact of this revolution is being witnessed in almost every part of our world. China, being a country known for its golden history in terms of education, has also been a part of this revolution. International Schools in China are not only benefitting the country and its native students through the exposure of global education but also, bringing the enriched educational heritage of China within the reach of other parts of our world. To celebrate the valuable contributions of such schools towards this impactful educational revolution, we have come-up with our special edition on “The 10 Best International Schools in China”             


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