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You should know about the new version of Path of Exile
Posted On 10/10/2019 04:12:12 by Cadencealida

In this new version, you will get a completely new gaming experience. This time, the developer Grinding Gear boldly Combine RPG and tower defense to a popular dark theme RPG game. Path of Exile is completely free, including its updates, and developers have not reduced the quality of the game because the game is free, or reduce the update, developers have been trying hard, bold innovation, hoping to bring better works to Players. As a loyal fan, we will always support the road to exile! Also,... Read More

Path of Exile hit mechanism
Posted On 09/06/2019 20:31:34 by Bugbeameren

Path of Exile hits the mechanism in detail: how to hit. Everyone knows that this skill-based game will be hit. If the skill is thrown out, it will hit. The system is of course set. Let's take a look at the Path of Exile's hit mechanism.


In the type of game of Path of Exile, hitting can be said to be a very common existence. Generally speaking, most attacks and spells will have this hitting mechanism. Then hitting the enemy can cause damage, or whether it can cause special... Read More

Path of Exile Builds Recommendation
Posted On 02/15/2019 04:57:31 by may0605

Path of Exile Builds Recommendation

Path of Exile players may confuse with what's the best builds for different level and POE classes to get more drop items with less POE currency in the game. provides multiple POE 3.5 Betrayal League builds guide, such as top 10 best POE 3.5 builds, POE Betrayal starter builds recommendation and more. Here is a list about different class beginner b... Read More

The heart of the Path of Exile's Bestiary expansion is the record book
Posted On 01/23/2019 00:54:34 by mmocs

Path of Exile's next major update is called "Bestiary," with a new Bestiary Challenge League set to introduce over 250 beasts to the world. Players are introduced to new character named Reinhardt, who tasks them with hunting down these dangerous creatures. Like certain other monster-capturing games, the idea is to find these beasts, wear them down, and ultimately capture them by summoning Reinhardt to transport it to a new Menagerie area. As players capture new creatures, they'll keep track o... Read More

Arc's chaining land makes for PoE currency
Posted On 01/06/2019 21:00:54 by rsgoldfast

As soon as you've your turning, the Arc Witch is very easy to playwith. Simply approach a pack of trash mobs, spam Arc till they are dead, then move into the next pack, and rinse and repeat.

Although Arc's chaining land makes for PoE currency some fantastic DPS on trash mobs, do not expect to melt bosses quite as fast with an Arc Witch. Additionally, although you can do a decent bit of tanking with this construct, be aware of obvious, one-shot kills out of bosses. In general, if yo... Read More

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