Title: This upgrade the Farming skill cape was very respected
Blog Entry: The best way to play the Mini Game,'' Well I think I clarified as much in'Access the Mini Game' but if you're to lazy to see that I'll explain exactly what RS gold you need (following the flame light ) into range-mine you may need a rope (if you've got 70 range and 50 strength) and you will need a pick axe your ok with losing and 50 range with the required mining level for the ore your planning on becoming. To mine out of the ceiling you've got to have the mandatory range level and you chuck the pick string at the ore onto the ceiling occasionally resulting in that rocks ores falling and occasionally dropping 0-3 oresthis way is quicker then normal mining but has its disadvantages, in case your pick axe becomes trapped at the ceiling that this is really where 70 range 50 strength along with also the rope come in handy. You select the rope and then sue it with the pick axe that is stuck in the ceiling you then make it into a lasso and loop it around the pick axe with your (awesome) including skills then you right click on the rope that is currently dangling from the ceiling and then chose soon or after (it takes some time just like pick pocketing) it'll come loose and 0-10 pieces of ore could fall with Old school rs gold it the ore deals two damage and also the pick axe can deal up to 8 damage.