Title: 6d bim design
Blog Entry: BIM design makes it possible to determine all construction costs in advance, plan the loading of equipment and employees, and identify problems at the design stage. To save the customer money at the project implementation stage, we design objects using BIM-technology of building information modeling. BIM-building information modeling, information modeling is the best way to get a model of the future object in all its details before its construction begins. We perform BIM design of buildings, structures, and structures. We determine costs, equipment and staff usage in advance, and identify problems at the design stage.   What is BIM design? BIM includes a 3D model of all structures, including architectural and engineering systems of a building, and this model contains information about each of its elements – a column, beam, duct, or equipment. This method of getting a building model eliminates errors at the stage of the construction process. The information can be anything-material, mass, power, length, thermal conductivity, or aerodynamic drag. These parameters are used in calculations based on the model – from accurate calculation of concrete volumes to hydraulic calculation of the heating system. The fact that all building systems are made in three-dimensional form and in a single model allows you to see all their intersections before construction begins and eliminate them, thus BIM improves the quality of the project. Without BIM, neither the customer nor the designer can perform such verification, and all these difficulties slow down construction. Now the concept of BIM is also being replaced by an analog – "Digital twin". A digital double is an exact model of a real object in digital terms. Main stages of BIM design of buildings and structures: Preparatory – defining the goals of developing an information model. The degree of its detail depends on the customer's goals (by geometry-and by information content. It defines the requirements for software products in which it can be developed (any or specific). The customer's BIM standard is being studied, if available. A BIM project implementation plan is being developed. Main - at this stage occurs: Development of a project concept in a BIM model. Create visualizations and presentation materials. Making project decisions, detailing the information model depending on the project stages and the customer's goals. Performing calculations. Checking for collisions (and fixing them. Export drawings and work volume statements from the model. Linking the model to the construction calendar and visualizing the construction site (4D modeling). Creating estimates based on a BIM model (5D modeling). The final step is to transfer data, in a convenient format, from the object's information model to the customer. Data formats – source (development format), open source universal, 2D drawings, videos, graphic visualizations, etc. Our company is engaged in the implementation of a full range of 6d bim works on information modeling (BIM-design). To do this, the company has all the necessary specialists present, and quality control of work is carried out at all stages.