Title: WoW patch notes fix issues with NPCs
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Blog Entry: I can see a couple of various ways for Blizzard to deal with this. One isn't to deal with it, and to offer Classic as precisely what it is — Classic WoW, no more, no less, with the entirety of the substance and impediments that suggests  MMOBC . Another alternative is to create "exemplary" usage of past WoW developments and offer Classic players the choice to clone a current saint on a BC worker, move a legend from one to the next (with no choice to move back), or move new and face leveling from 1-70 under TBC rules. I speculate we'd get the first or subsequent choice, not the third, but rather they're all conceivable.    Keep in mind — unique WoW had a ton of substance obvious on the guide that was rarely utilized. The whole zone of Mount Hyjal is one model. We realized Gilneas existed behind the Graymane Wall, regardless of whether we didn't will visit the land. We'd been to Tol Barad and Grim Batol in Warcraft 2. Karazhan may not be an occurrence in  WOW Classic Boosting , yet it exists in Classic. Regardless of whether Blizzard bound itself to the legend of Warcraft as it existed in 2004, there are a large number of areas we never investigated or visited. There's no motivation behind why new 5-man or attack content couldn't be added to the current game.