Title: WoW Classic raid team defeats Onyxia’s lair without clothes
Blog Entry: One of the team's raid members bore all the info on Reddit to explain how they did it. This time around, they had more mages and an extra doomkin at the expense of multi-boxing dikkens. The WoW raid team completed most of the raid without using flasks but did end up using four. If you'd like to see the raid team in all their glory, you can check out the video down below.To get more news about  Buy WoW Gold Classic , you can visit lootwowgold news official website. In case you've been out of the loop, World of Warcraft Classic's Onyxia's Lair is a 40 person raid that also comes in as one of the shortest, as it mainly consists of fighting the titular boss. The encounter returned alongside WoW Classic last year and requires a Drakefire Amulet to attempt. If you're looking for some more ways to enjoy Blizzard's long-running MMORPG, then our WoW Addons guide will provide you with just that.The World of Warcraft Shadowlands release date is set to fall later this year, bringing with it new story and quest content. The next expansion also features a Witcher Easter egg that we're quite fond of. If you need something to keep you busy until then, though, we've been keeping tabs on the best new PC games that have come out in 2020 so far.