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  • c2cadmin TheBuzz

    c2cadmin TheBuzz

    Be The Bank for our Edible Home Gardens LUXURIOUS Green Home Community!
    Edible Home Gardens is looking to connect with like minded individuals for our LUXURIOUS green home community! If you want to know more about us, call: 307.702.2582
  • c2cadmin TheBuzz

    c2cadmin TheBuzz

    Leverage YOUR Assets, Be the Bank and Call the Shots!

    Want to Learn HOW to "BE THE BANK" and start Leveraging YOUR Assets?

    Set up a Managed Account and start Leveraging YOUR Money!

    Our Private Financial Club can help fund your projects including: COMMODITIES, OIL or GOLD! We can help Fund SBLC’s or BG's from commercial banks listed on the Bankers Almanac for example: Citibank, HSBC, Credit Suisse, Barclays, Deutsche, Standard Chartered, RBS, Santander, State Bank of India, Bank of China, UBS and Commerce Standard Bank, or any bank that is 1) NOT a private bank, and 2) that is listed in the 'Bankers Almanac' (Repeat: NO private banks or B rated banks.)

    FUNDING FORALL forms of gold coins and bullion; other precious metals, jewelry & art!

    The Registered Investment Advisor's custodian can accept all forms of gold coins, cash, CD’s, bullion, other precious metals, jewelry & art [from the controlling owner only]. After agreed terms & contracts: All items would have to be moved to the custodial account [worldwide accounts are available]: LTV's range from 30-90% (Gold being the highest based on current gold pricing.)

    Utilizing the Registered Investment Advisor to set up a managed account with $500k minimum; client can do a variety of sample programs:

    After setting up the Managed Account, you can borrow back between 50% - 70% (Based on an account with either: $500k minimum or $1M+) of those funds and leverage those funds through trade or set up a Mirrored Account, or “lend out” those funds in order to “BE THE BANK” - while still making a ROI on the WHOLE AMOUNT!

    Whatever the TOTAL AMOUNT WAS in the Managed Account, that whole amount is still making money within the Managed Account! You could potentially make double your money or MORE by leveraging the funds borrowed from the Managed Account:

    1. Member creates and establishes a Managed Account
    2. Member Leverages/Borrows up to 70% from the MANAGED ACCOUNT to create a MIRRORED ACCOUNT
    3. Member could create an additional CREDIT LINE FROM THEIR MIRRORED BANK ACCOUNT
    4. Member can put leveraged funds from Managed Account into various Trade Programs
    5. Member can “BE THE BANK” by Lending and making an additional ROI!

    The borrowed funds from the managed account never has to be returned to the managed account as long as the client keeps the managed account open; therefore, client is still utilizing the WHOLE ENTIRE amount within the managed account!

    Registered Investor Advisor can also create for the client a mirror account at Citibank or HSBC completely under the control of client. [Using up to 70% of the money borrowed from the managed account at a rate of 0.5% - or current rate.]

    Registered Investor Advisor can also accept assignment of CD to trade – does NOT have to move - account must be in the client’s name & assignable.

    Want to learn more?

    Call a Be the Bank Specialist at: 888-JV-BANK-1 / 307-702-CLUB (2582) and start Leveraging!

  • c2cadmin TheBuzz

    c2cadmin TheBuzz

    "BE THE BANK" and become a Clicky MASTERMIND Investor!
    Clicky is the NEW "Cross-Promote" Club for Professionals!

    CrossPromote YOUR Businesses, Clubs, StoreFront & Products, Videos, Posts, Articles, Blogs, Jobs - just about anything with Clicky's NEW "CrossPromote: Click" feature that can also help you to make money - see below!

    The ALL-IN-ONE Clicky.Buzz / Click2Call combines a FULL Spectrum Platform for ALL YOUR Business Contacts, Events & Marketing needs!

    Clicky's "CrossPromote: Click" is the perfect tool to help you reach a wider audience of OVER 200 + different Click, Share and Submit venues to choose from - Including favorites like: LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook!

    Members can earn Referral BONUSES every month! Participate in the CrossPromote Subscription Program: http://crosspromote.click/index.php?do=/public/subscribe/

    "BE THE BANK"!

    What is 1% of BILLIONS what is 10% of Billions? Did you know that 50% are DEMANDING an alternative to YouTube, Twitter and FB?

    Clicky: The ALL-IN-ONE Platform that combines Social Media / Business Networking, Product Marketing, LIVE and Recorded Video Broadcasting Channels with FREE Click2Call Online!

    LinkedIn sold for 26B / Skype sold for 8.5B / EBay is worth 18B / Phone Companies are worth BILLIONS / YouTube 5B / MATCH is worth 194M / Twitter is worth 30B / Facebook is worth 190B

    Clicky is ALL THAT - and MORE!

    We offer a Lender/Investor Bonus up to $3M

    Clicky has Entry Level Programs & Terms that start as low as $25k for 25.25% ROI the first year PLUS a $100K long-term Bonus!

    $150k = 8% annualized (paid monthly) + $750k Long Term Bonus

    ClickyPhones: The COMPLETE Conference Phone System across all 3 major platforms: Phone, Desktop and Website!

    Clicky & BuzzChatLive is the creative ALTERNATIVE solution to the OLD social media which is now BLOCKING FREE Speech!
MASTERMIND Private Financial Club of Investors

MASTERMIND Private Financial Club of Investors

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About this Club

Private Financial Club Financiers are Boasting 42% and MORE ROI Annually

Why not You?

Make YOUR existing money work harder for YOU by setting up a "Managed Account"!

YOU can LEVERAGE [LEND] YOUR assets from a Managed Account while still earning money on the WHOLE amount!

Learn more about leveraging/lending YOUR assets through a Managed Account, OLD 401k, or Self-Directed IRA.

We also can help you fund your: Diamonds, Gold, Artwork, Gems etc - ranging from 30% LTV - 90% LTV

Private Financial Club can help you Fund your owned BG for 85% - 95% LTV!!

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