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Email: yvonne@privatefinancialclub.com
Year found: 2008
Headquarter: Wyoming, USA

We are a Club with amazing funding opportunities and higher LTV’s for Members who are able to work within this unique 7 Step Program as outlined below:

Get 85% - 90% LTV by Funding your OWNED 50M+ SBLC / LoG / BG EXCLUSIVELY through our 7 step Program! We need a complete CIS, passport and corporate docs that match the OWNER of the SBLC/LoG/BG. 5% OF THE 90% should be RESERVED AND DIRECTED FROM YOU TO SET UP YOUR MANAGED ACCOUNT. (85% LTV for UNDER $50M 5% of the 85% should be reserved and directed from you to set up YOUR Managed Account.) CLIENT must send complete CIS, Corporate Docs, RWA, ATV, POF.

$1,500.00 One Time Membership setup fee is required. ($100.00 annual renewal fee)

Funding ONLY of OWNED SBLC/LoG/BG receive: 85% LTV Over $50M or 80% LTV Under $50M ONLY Members utilizing our 7 step program below will receive the higher LTV. NO exceptions!

Our Club can help fund your projects including: COMMODITIES, OIL or GOLD! We fund SBLC’s / LoG’s / BG’s from A rated commercial banks in order to fund. (NO private banks or B rated banks.)

FUNDING FOR: ALL forms of gold coins, bullion, other precious metals, jewelry & art!

 The Registered Investment Advisor's custodian can accept SBLC’s and all forms of gold coins, cash, CD’s, bullion, other precious metals, jewelry & art [from the controlling owner only]. After agreed terms & contracts: All items would have to be moved to the custodial account [worldwide accounts are available]: LTV's range from 30-90% (Gold being the highest based on current gold pricing.)

Utilizing the Registered Investment Advisor to set up a managed account with an SBLC $3M minimum or $500k Cash minimum.

 After setting up the Managed Account, Client can then “borrow” back between 50% - 70% of those funds and leverage those funds through trade or set up a Mirrored Account, or “lend out” those funds in order to “BE THE BANK” - while still making a ROI on the WHOLE AMOUNT within the Managed Account!

Recent Activities

  • Private Financial Club LLC

    Private Financial Club LLC

    NEW UPDATE: Private Financial Club will be running a contest between different Web Designers to showcase their work for a new PFC Website Design (Our original site was 9 years old BEFORE we joined ClickyClubs). The winner will get the opportunity to promote their business in our Newsletter using our new PFC Website as their sample model!

    Must send "before & after" samples! Contest will end in December and PFC will start their new design in January!

    Submit YOUR WEB Designs and Layouts to Yvonne@PrivateFinancialClub.com or call: 307.702.2582

  • Private Financial Club LLC

    Private Financial Club LLC

    Visit & Join Private Financial Club HERE at #ClickyClubs for FREE Conference calls and Live Q&A Chat Sessions!

    Private Financial Club is still in the process of moving from our OLD site to our NEW Home at #ClickyClubs so bare with us as we continue to "unpack" and organize - Thank you!

    After we finish redesigning our entire PFC Business Page & Clubs Page, we will invite you all to our PFC Clicky Community "house warming party" and showcase how EASY and smooth it is to effectively synchronize #ClickyClubs while you #CrossPromote YOUR business, Clubs, Events, Products and Services!

    Can't wait to start using Clicky's VIP Pro Email and Newsletter Internal & External Elite Public Relations Marketing System - wow - totally awesome!

    It's Exciting - Check back often to see our progress.

    When you get a chance, You should Test Clicky's VIP PR Marketing system for yourself - see Newsletter link below and CrossPromote link.

    (Post YOUR Company & Create a Club too!)


    To Schedule a One-on-One "BE THE BANK" appointment, call: 307.702.CLUB (2582)

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  • Private Financial Club LLC

    Private Financial Club LLC

    FUNDING FOR ALL forms of Gold Coins and Bullion!


    • SBLC/BG SWIFT Reimbursement - Amount is based on the Banker’s Receipt along with the type and size of the instrument. Maximum reimbursement up to: $350k

    • ONE on ONE Private Mentoring Sessions on HOW to Leverage YOUR Assets and BE YOUR OWN BANK!

    • Connections to the Direct Source for Funding & Leveraging!

    During these Exclusive Mentoring Sessions YOU will have the opportunity to speak with various Experts & Authors on how to Leverage:

    • Old 401k, IRA, CDs, Managed Accounts, Gold, Diamonds, Precious Gems or Cash into a BE THE BANK Money Machine designed personally just for YOU!

    • Learn HOW to create YOUR OWN Boutique Lending Niche with Sample LOI’s and other Strategic Ideas!

    One of Our FIRST woman investors that we Mentored YEARS AGO was a Minority Woman who made a 50% ROI within 6 months and she enthusiastically discussed "BEING THE BANK" on PFC's Radio Show in ‘08: We Connect Radio to talk about it – we had a BLAST!!

    To find out More - Call: 307.702.CLUB (2582)





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    "BE THE BANK" LIVE CHAT Q&A - Thursday at 2:00pm Mountain Time: http://clicky.buzz/index.php?do=/public/groups/view/id_1/title_PRIVATE-FINANCIAL-CLUB-LLC/

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